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So, is it just me, or does the new home page just come off as a paid advert for the ONTD! group and it's related journals? cause that's almost all I see on the "top entries" part of the page.


The other night I decided to try on a couple of old outfits that I keep around on the dream that one day I'll fit into them again.

My current pant size seems to be running at about a 34. I have mostly 36 and 38 sized pants, and most of those fit comfortable, if some were getting a little loose. For our party I ordered a new pair, and since my smaller size is a 36, that's what I ordered, to be on ye olde safe side.

It turns out that these pants are too loose at 36 for me(they have a zipper and button, and I could pull them off without undoing them), so I'm exchanging them for the next size down at 34!

Also, since the party, I've realized that a few of my pants are getting to where they want to slide off me, especially if I have something heavy in one of the pockets.

This is what sparked me trying on these old outfits...

Worn once for Easter when I was in my mid/late teens this outfit is a size 30, so there's a way to go till I would really fit this one again. I tried it on without my girdle, and I could sorta almost pull the pants all the way up, but it kinda got stuck at my butt. Once I put my girdle on, I could pull the pants all the way up, but everything in the butt/gut/hip area was really tight, and while I could move around standing up, there was no sitting down in them. the top is much the same, only it went on without the aid of a girdle(not that I have one for the top part anyway)  but the bottom doesn't want to go over my hips any, with/without the bottom girdle, but if I can lose enough to get the pants to fit better, the top sits long enough, I think it's work anyway.(totally off topic, but I've love nothing more than to dye this outfit a nice shade of purple XD. but only if I can lose enough to fit it again well)

This outfit is a 5X, which is technically my current size. I've never really 'not fit' this outfit, it's more because of the uber clingy nature of the material/cut that it's not been flattering to wear, so I haven't. I have another outfit, a dress that's the same size, and has the same problem. I'm hoping that as I work to lose weight(among other reasons of course) that these hang better on me.

These outfits (and the dress I mentioned) are all in that 'wore once/twice' and don't fit anymore pile that one hangs onto in the hope of fitting again.

Hopefully, surgery or no surgery, I'm able to keep this whole losing weight thing going. I'm happy the way I am now, and even if I never lost more weight, or gained a bunch back/more, there will always be that stack of reasons why losing the weight would be nice, and that thought in the back of your mind of what'd happen if you did.

As to the subject of my post, I know what the Urban Dictionary says it refers to, but I think of it in more of the endearment form. My grandmother on my mothers side used to use it interchangeably with calling one a rascal or a chatterbox(or a 'pooper'). 
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