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Two Sunday's ago, I found this random group of what looked like bug bites, but was weird, cause of how many were clustered together, and for the time of year it is. Also, as the week went on, they acted nothing like bug bites. I called my dr this monday and got an appointment to check them out and find out what was going on.

It turns out I have Shingles.....

A very mild case, but Shingles....

Well, damn.

and here we were figuring they were probably just spider bites, and that's why they were acting so weird.

I kind of wish I'd gotten an appointment sooner, so I'd have known, and could've avoided holding the baby  till the contagious phase was over, but what's done is done. At least now I know, and that explains some of the other off things I've had going on this week and last.

I finally got around to finding a new GYN and getting an appointment, and as I feared, they found another polyp. I get to do the whole check things further and will likely have to have another biopsy done(had polyp and biopsy done back when I was 25) which is such a joy.

I can at least giggle at the memory of a classmate of mine trying to be all macho, and saying he has lots of sisters, and nothing could gross him out(female issues-wise), while I was explaining the procedure to another female classmate who had to have a biopsy done, and halfway though my story, he ran into the classroom XD.

On the positive side, I've gone down almost 13lbs since my last visit just before leaving for AWA! I was 413 I'm now 401!

It was funny, I saw the GYN yesterday, and they checked all my vitals, and my weight was 402.9lbs, and my height was 5'10.5"

Today at my PCP, they checked them, and I was 401lbs, and my height was 5'9.5"....


Date: 2013-11-14 06:32 am (UTC)
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Your weight and height can vary depending on the time of day or so I've heard anyway. Yay for weight loss though \o/

Date: 2013-11-14 07:54 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I can see that being true I suppose, if one were taken in the morning, and one were take at night, but these were both taken at the same time of day, just a day from each other XD.

But yes, Yay for weight loss in general! I'd gone beck up at my last visit just before AWA, so I was afraid I'd possibly gone up more.

Trust me, you will hear me shout from the rooftops when I break 400.


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