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Really, it was a combo of being fed up with the random holes in my wallpaper, being tired of my wallpaper in general, and not being able to sleep, cause I have trouble sleeping more so on nights mom's due to come home, since it's a 2 hour drive, and she works 12+ hour shifts...

You can see one of the holes in the wallpaper next to the frame thats between the mirror and the towel hanging from it's hook.

Which is where I started, you can tell. (I also managed to capture one of the worse moments of the episode of SPN I had going...)

As you can see, I've managed to strip down the majority of three of my walls, minus some spots at the edges, where it's looking like they'll need steam to get them to come off. The last wall is acting much like the edges. For whatever reason, the paper almost seems super-glued to this wall. I have plans to borrow my sister in law's steam mop/tool gizmo and attack this wall later. It will be beaten!

By the way, you don't suppose the previous owner liked green eh? All the bedroom closest are/were green, the hall is green on green, the same green on the right side of the hall flows into the dining room, not to mention the walls under my wallpaper.

So now I need to get hold of that steam tool to get the rest of the paper off, so I can get some walls painted sooner rather than later. Half my room is stashed in the spare room next to mine, and Mom would like it empty before my brother shows up for Thanksgiving, since that's the room he'll be using.

I need to figure out what color I'm gonna paint my walls....and if I'm gonna do any kinda border....

Becca, get your tushy up here so you can paint me a wall mural!!!!! Then you could just bring The Box yourself, HA!

Also, Becca, spell-check wants to correct your name to Rebecca(yes, I know, your full name ;P), because Becca is just wrong, according to it. I could also be trying to type Mecca, Decca, or Became, but I couldn't want Becca.

Lord, I need sleep, spell check is amusing me more than it should.


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