Jan. 8th, 2013

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I was talking to a friend, and as we were talking, she managed to trick me into joining tumblr, without even trying...

Apparently I had a brain fart? )

For those interested, I can be found here on tumblr. I haven't decided if/what I'll do with it, but I figured since I have it, I can at least use it to bookmark all the tumblrs I had bookmarked in my faves.

This evening, as I was carting trash and recyclables to the curb, I managed to cut my leg on something in one of the bags of recyclables. There was much bleeding, enough that while I was still carting bags, I thought one of them had leaked and run down my leg....it did not.

End result? my shoe's are in the wash (only one needed washed, but why only do one just cause it needs it more than the other?) and there's bandages on the front and back/side of my left leg. The back is mostly just scratches, but mom figured better safe than sorry and covered those too.

I managed to kill the "ambiance" my parents had going at the Panera too, when I called to find out how long they'd be till they got home.

Just how we all pictured our Tuesday evening, right?


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