Jan. 30th, 2013


Jan. 30th, 2013 02:46 am
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I am tired and abused.

Today my niece had one of her check up appointments for her RA, since mom was off work she went with, and I went over to my brothers house to watch their son. I got to see the kitten they adopted from that litter of 3 we found back in the fall, he's much the same as he was the last time I saw him, just bigger ;D

I started off my afternoon however, by falling down in the mud right when we got to my brother house *face palm*

It happened like it often does, going down a slope in one of their neighbors yards(the front yards on the whole street slope though) to grab the rest of my stuff, and bloop, on the ground and covered in mud am I.

So, my brother and his wife happen to have one of those nice spiffy front load, multi-function options kinda washers(so do we, but theirs is several years newer than ours{and a different brand}), so I was able to wash my coat while there, so I'd be able to wear the coat home, yay! 

The downside, their washer/dryer is in their basement, which has a very narrow and steep set of stairs. Both of the bathrooms are also on the second floor, which has stairs much the same as the basement steps. Not fun, but it works.

Somewhere around 7(for frame of time, we got to his house that afternoon around 1), me, my brother and his son left the house to meet mom, my sister in law and niece for dinner.  All afternoon, all through dinner, and all the way home, and carrying things in from the car, taking out the trash, I was fine. my leg had itched a big like it'd had rug burn, but it probably did, sliding down the yard like I did.

Quite suddenly, as I sat down in a kitchen chair while talking with mom, my whole right side twinged and now that whole side is sore. 

Apparently I went down a lot harder than I thought I did. I know it's the fall, since A) it happened but B) I know I landed more on my right side, cause that's the side of my coat that was covered in mud, and the side where my shirt and pants were soaked through at.

Mom says I just didn't notice the soreness, I cal it a delayed reaction. Whichever it is, it bites, and I'd be asleep already, if mom hadn't suckered me into watching NCIS tonight, which only brought me to watch my DVR'd shows while i was there and happened to have the remote in hand...sneaky woman XD

Enough whining, my humidifier(vaporizer) needs refilled and I really should get some sleep, lists to make, plotting to be done, C'set la vie!('m prolly screwing the spelling on that;))


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