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We went to Shady Maple Smorgasbord for lunch today and that was fun. I was horribly bad about my diet, but it's my birthday, so I said neener to it all.

Other than that, we just hung out like we do every day. we had some cake late, chocolate with peanut butter icing *dies* so good but so rich.

I got stuffs!

The only thing I asked for was a device that would play Netflix(and similar services) on my tv in my room. This one came with a free version of Angry Birds already installed on it, but you can get other games if you want. Some channels are free, some aren't, I'm still playing with it and learning how it works.

My one brother and his wife got me this purse/bag (my brother says anything over a certain size isn't a purse, its a bag) it's purty, and sparkly and I need to find my purse so I can switch my stuff over.

My other brother and his wife got me a Barnes & Noble gift card and a pack of YanYan! The gift card is so not burning a hole in my pocket <.<...

I also got this really cute sheep charm from my niece Piper. it reminded her of me, because I have a stuffed lamb on my one shelf that looks much like the charm (only the stuffy is all black, not white with black, but that's ok.) It lives on my necklace now!

I also got some new undies, bath scrub gloves and a copy of Wreck It Ralph along with my Roku from mom and dad, but they were not available for the photo shoot, and you can use your imagination for them anyway ;)

Mom was thinking about getting me some clothing from Catherine's  cause they've got a deal going right now(ends tomorrow  if you buy $200 you get $100 off...but the site's being a bum and only giving $50...we've gotta call customer service about that. They best be careful how they handle that call, Dee Shepley's not a customer you wanna piss off ;D


Totally a coincidence, but the accent color on my Roku box happens to be purple. Nifty, huh?

now back to playing with my Roku (yes Becca, I know, Riku)
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I told this to [ profile] vexed_wench just now, and she said "but you'll still be the young wifey". It made me laugh.

Anyhow, I got what I asked for, and then some. My sister in law and family made dinner, home made burgers and fries, I look forward to the left overs of that. My other brother and his family brought cupcakes from this new place, and let me just say O!M!G! those are some fine damn cupcakes. I'll have to figure out which camera took the picture of them, they were gorgeous too.

And my sister in law knows me well, and made sure there was a peanut butter cup cupcake for me XD my brother was trying to be all "this is this and that is that" and and as he was listing things, I raised my hand and pointed to the one with the little mini mini recces cup on top of the peanut butter looking frosting and said "I see peanut butter cup, this is all I need to know" which made his wife laugh.

The only thing I asked for for my birthday was a new desk chair. it's been almost a year, if not longer since my old one broke, and I managed to break moms old one....

My new chair. this thing is like a rock. I love it. I also got a new Bath&Body Works candle, a new lip balm, a new bath scrufty a card and this head scarf thingy that's nifty.

There's the close up of the card that the head scarf thingy was attached to. Its called a Tube Scarf. I see more of these things in my future.

And now, Kitty Palooza! )

And until it went off just now while I was writing up this post, I had completely forgotten that I set my own birthday reminder with the Hitachiin twins image song XD.
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Yes, technically my birthday isn't till Wednesday, but we shoot for the best day closest to it that everyone can come and celebrate, s'only way to go in a big family.

Everything is piled around the purple-pinkish file box.

On top of the file box is the Shine set, of a journal, note-cards, a mug, and a set of magnets.

The Gnomeo & Juliet OST (my brother pokes fun when I call them that)

A Betty Boop wallet, love that gal.

Across the front of the file box, a Wii game called Nights : Journey of Dreams. I've never heard of it before, but hey, how can you go wrong with a purple main character ;)

The cards I got, the one's funny, pic of that further down.

The Art of Full Moon book. That series has such gorgeous art!

and of course, the two movies I got, Get Smart, and Bambi.

I also got this fantastic iPod clock/radio! It also has a remote, which rocks!

Close up of the Shine set image.

And the funny card

You know you're turning 30 is... ever had a mullet "tail," or side ponytail. (guilty) have used a Commodore 64. (guilty) owned a Trapper Keeper. (guilty) can name all the members of New Kids on the Block. (actually, nope) can remember when fast food came in styrofoam containers. (guilty) had a crush on Zack Morris or Kelly Kapowski from Saved By the Bell. (I would say both, but I had more of a thing for Jessi) received a card like this wishing you a HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY!

All things considered, yeah, I think I'm turning 30, how about you.


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