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Last night after dinner, I more or less crashed where I was sitting watching tv with mom, and she didn't pester me long enough to get me to go to my bed, so I ended up waking up at about 2 am and being awake till 10ish (where I again crashed waiting for mom to come back from what she was doing to unpause the show we were watching....what, it's a really comfy chair XD)

In between sleep, I worked on one of the things I'm making my brothers and their wives (can't share till after Christmas, they might magically decide to follow one of the many links that lead here to my journal)

I can share that what it is is cross-stitched, cause that won't kill the surprise, I'm known for cross stitching after all.

Somewhere around dawn, I was working with a particular color, and as I was stitching away I heard a click to my one side, and when I looked up at the table beside my chair where my tools were, nothing seemed out of place, but when I got up a while later(long line of the same color = easy to zone out ) I discovered that the bobbin of my thread and mysteriously dissapeared.

I have scoured the vicinity of the chair I was in, in, around, under it as well as many other places in the house, on the off chance that one of the cats(Patches) picked it up and ran off with it. no luck.

This frustrates the piss out of me, really, I've been ranting about it off and on since.

And most irritating is I wasn't done with that color(by a long shot), not to mention that while not hugely expensive, new skeins of cross-stitch floss add up. They used to be 28 cents, and over the last several years have slowly crept up to 39 cents a peice, and the one that has dissapeared is a brand spanking new one.

So, yeah, I'm a bit cranky today, on top of all the standard holiday stress. 


Mom found it wedged in the corner of the cat closet, behind thier water feeder, smothered in dirt and fur...

I suppse its a good thing I wash all my peices before I gift them eh?

at least I've gotten alot of the rest of that peice done in the meantime and I'm almost at the point where I have to have that color to finish the peice ;D
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Sometimes some people just need to learn to STFU.

Thank you, that is all.
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The plus of my new doctor, they took my word on my symptoms now, and called in a prescription, which we'll see if that takes care of things, and if not, then I go in for a visit.

The minus is that the pharmacy were a bit fail, and didn't/wouldn't check the prescription line while my brother was there and fill the prescription while he was there....

heads will roll if they try that again, especially after I got one automated call saying the prescription was filled (not 10 minutes after my brother left too...) and then another call from a live person shortly after that saying the same thing....

heads will roll, I'm cranky enough to roll them without much provocation.


Sep. 12th, 2011 02:13 am
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So, we've got the majority of the basement cleaned up, the tool "cave" has been hosed out, we've washed everything that can be washed.... pretty much all thats left is getting the carpets in the basment dried out, and getting rid of the *shudders* smell that now lives in the basement.

I suppose that eventually we should clear out and hose the layer of silt that is left all over the floor of the greenhouse, but eh, the greenhouse is always a mess XD. Next weekend maybe.

On top of all this mess, I now feel like I'm comming down with something, my head and throat have been blech all day, I'm really hoping it's just my sinus's/allergys playing up to the stuff in the air from the water, but if you play the stock market, I suggest you invest in OJ, cause I'll be causing a shortage in an effort to make sure this doesn't turn into more than a day or two thing.....

Though hey, with a stuffy nose, I don'e have to smell the *shudders* smell that is the basement XD


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