Jun. 14th, 2012 08:37 pm
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Mother nature is a biotch.

(can one blame mother nature for menstrual cycles though? or is that someone else's fault?)

I could be downstairs ironing, for which my father is paying(bribing) me to do, but the cramping makes it very uncomfortable to stand there, and there's no chair that I can sit in that will let me keep a heat pack where it needs to stay to help.

I'd iron through the cramps, but I'd rather not take my frustration out on innocent articles of clothing XD.

Meanwhile, my iTunes is being more uncooperative than usual. for some odd reason it doesn't want to let me DL any of my purchases, or update any of the apps....I'm hoping that once the latest version from the iTunes site will fix whatever bug it has up its butt.


Thankfully reinstalling the new iTunes fixed the problem...

but I was reminded that my package from Franklin Covey is apparently cooling its figurative heels in Wisconsin....

I'm not so much irked that it's been at that FedEx depot since about 6am, according to the tracking, I'm more irked that the site claims their orders ship within 48 hours, and I placed my order last Thursday, and it didn't ship until Monday...

I half wonder if it'd have cheaper to buy a whole new planner(cause of this wonderful moment) but I didn't see one I liked so I went with refills.
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My mother has had off all week, and thats always fun...<.<

Mom's birthday was Wednesday, and we all went out to Olive Garden for dinner.

Thursday was the day of WTF? and wondering where things are gonna go with that thing...

and tomorrow, we're supposed to dig down the hill to the one side of the house to level out the area where the propane tanks live. Dad invited several of my uncles and cousins to help, but we'll see how many actually show up. If it ends up being just me and dad doing all the digging, I predict me not lasting long in the chat room, cause it'll be mostly me digging, cause dad's got a bad arm...

granted it should be loose soil, and we're not hauling it anywhere, but still, ugh.
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Mom and I did something of an experiment today.

it was more like mom had errands, and cassually asked if I wanted to tag along, but experiment works too.

And now we know for certain that my feeling like garbage is the fault of all the muck that the flood watter brought into the basement, and I've not come down with some sort of headcold.

We left the house around 11 AM this morning, and after about an hour or so of being out of the house, my nose was relativly clear, , and as the day wore on (we didn't get home till after 7 PM) the worst I had was the occacial usual fall comming type of sniffles I usually have. And, I could acctually taste and smell things almost normally!

Once we got home, within an hour, things started to clog back up, and be bothered in general and it has continued to build back up to where it was before I left this morning.

I suppose at least I know I don't have a cold, and won't get my neices/nephew sick....

and I suppose it's a plus that the sore throat has more or less gone away....

All this dose not mean I don't feel like garbage, and there is no way to really know when it'll stop, since it seems to be related to mess the flood water left, even if it's mess you can't really see....


but hey, we got the makings for Veggi Beef soup, which is simmering right now, and we got the beets for Red Beet soup which is OMHFGYAY!!!!!!!! Most of the time we only get Red Beet Soup around the holidays, cause its one of the more time consuming soups.

Before I go, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! [ profile] vexed_wench I have plans, they just kinda nixed by errands all day.

Now, soup, extra blankets, and bed, preferably with a comedy!


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