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Insert rimshot here ;)

In the middler of week 3 of being a 3 cat house, and while Patches has gotten braver about comming out from under/behind furniture, the girls are still being snots about the whole thing so he mostly hangs out in rooms they're not, as do they. Its entertaining to watch the intereactions, as long as no one's clawing or hissing.

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Thats right, this house does! )
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Now off I go to help with party set up!
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We found these silver cleaning wipes at the store the other day, and I wanted to see how well they worked. While they take tarnish off, necklace's are probably not the best thing to be trying to clean with them. But look, it's art, sort of.


Caterpillar Kitty!

Maybe this only amuses me?
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my brother's cat has been sitting there on top of the chip box since shortly after we got here, and we got here around 2 in the afternoon. and she's still there.
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its a high testament to feline flexibility that she's standing comfortable in all of a 6 inch square of space, at best, on that shelf with her big old self.
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We've more or less adopted my brother's dog, cause they can't have pets where they live now.

The one cat is still hissing at her, since we've brought her into the house. Said cat also belongs to my brother, but we've also adopted her, again, cause of the no pets thing. It'll be interesting to see how long she keeps it up.

I don't so much mind the cat hissing at the dog, its something they've gotta work out with each other, but when the cat climbs on top of me and hisses at the dog every time she looks in my direction, then there's words.

Right now, the dog is sleeping at my feet, and the cat is sleeping at the other end of the couch. it'll be interesting to see if when the cat wakes up, if she hisses when she sees the dog... that'll be fun.
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A few posts back, I posted a pic of one of our cats, actually belongs to my brother, but they can't have cats where they live now. Anyway, I posted a pic of said cat laying on clean jeans laying on my bed, even though the rest of the bed was clear.....

I recently got an old computer bag, found it while I was cleaning up bookshelves, quite a nice one too.

I was checking all the pockets, and clearing out the stack of folders that had been left in it, letting it air out a bit, just to make sure it wasn't musty or anything.....

apparently airing it out sent out an invisible, magical invitation to the cat. I left the room to get dinner, came back less than an hour later, there was the cat curled up and sleeping away like it was her bed...I'm tempted to go find things that you usually don't want the cat to be curled up on, and see if she does it again, or if she knows I'm baiting her, it'd be fun to see if she did or not.
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the cat was there....what can I say, they're fun to play with.Here Kitty kitty... )


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