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Mosquito's are the devil, always have been, always will be. There are several other bugs I feel this way about, but these are the ones driving me up a wall right now.

Sunday night, my younger brother and his family came over, we sat outside around the fire pit and roasted marshmallows and re-initiated dads fire pit for the new season. we weren't out that long, or so it felt but it was long enough for me to get 5+ bites on each leg and at least 2 or 3 on each arm.....

This, on top of being the first night with my CPAP machine might explain why I'm awake now at about 2:30 and can't fall back to sleep, and am quite cranky despite what feels like some decent sleep, despite it only being about 3-4 hours.

Speaking of my CPAP machine... )

Today mom and I went shoping. She had a coupon for Bath & Body works, and wanted to check out the pinata's that the 5 Below had. She let me have one of the mini candles she got, it's the Limoncello, which is OMFG orgasmic (to me anyway). I got all my niece's and nephews their birthday gifts too, so that's something off my personal list of things to do! I always have that tiny little moment of wishing I could get them something better, but in general, I do pretty good for what I can afford.

Mom was reminded as we were looking at lip stuff that she had something she'd grabbed for me at work and had forgotten to give me the day before...

it's a key-chain(I collect key-chains), shaped like a golf ball....

That's a lip balm XD.It even has a nice little inner lid to keep the lip balm better contained in it's half of the inside! This is a good thing, since I have a tendency to forget(avoid) my potted lip balms, since the having to apply them with a finger annoys me.

This key-chain/lip balm is a giveaway type thing from the rehab unit at the hospital my mother works at. I haven't tried it yet, but it smells really good when I open it, very vanilla-y.

I meant to share this at Easter, but it kinda got lost in the shuffle of things. This was my "big chocolate bunny" in my basket. Mom got me the phone more so cause it was purple than it was a phone. They didn't have any purple chocolate cats. The name and location of the place is written on the label in the second pic. They've got a lot of neat stuff, of what I saw of what my mom had, and hearing what my aunt got her family. We've got alot of places that do handmade/customizable chocolates and candy around here.

This was ok, it's a white chocolate, which is my least liked, but for white chocolate, it was ok. I prefer dark

I kinda wish they'd have made a thinner shell, and then just filled it with dark chocolate, than just this really thick shelled thing they did...but it was still really cute.

And to round up the post, proof that the cats can all be not only in the same room, but on the same bed, and no one will 'melt' despite what Puddums might say ;D
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Shine is..... )

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The other day Patches was running about and stopped on top of the couch to take a rest...

... and watching himself being watched by the Gals. They're at least no longer hissing just from him being in the same room as them XD.

we corralled the kittens into a box with a blanket, cause they didn't seem to grasp the whole "huddle away from the cold exposed bricks" and stay in the nice warm pile of blankets by the carrier... they can't help but be adorable though.
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Beware of cuteness.... )
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We had fun, but as any day spent at a theme park or fair, you come home exhausted. Unfortunatly while we al had our phones and they all have cameras on them, we all forgot our real camera's, so not alot of photos got taken, and those that did are scattered across multiple phones, so not much to post photo wise.

One of the shops we stopped in sells wooden swords and sheilds, even some that the kids can color themselves, and this of course was loved by all three of the kids in our group. My youngest nephew Linus told his mother that he wanted to come back to the fair so that he could get a sheild, since he was only allowed to pick one or the other this trip. He'll have to wait till next year for that XD.

As much as I love anime and manga, I am also a bit of a geek about the rennisance era. if we'd have been able to sit and watch some of the shows at the black smith stand or the glass blowing stand, I think I would have died of glee. I could also burn alot of my money there, as I tried to do this trip. I got two of the people off my christmas list, and I'd show the items off, but they read my journal, so no can do. I can show off my stuff though.

I got myself this necklace.

It's a "fairy dust" necklace. it's hard to see the detailing of the fairy in the picture, since the metal reflects alot of the light from the flash, but in person its gorgeous. There's a flower garland decoration on the back of the metal caging that encases the bottle of fairy dustand of course I picked the purple one. I've seen similar neclaces other places, but this one was surprisingly cheaper that those, and I didn't have to pay for shipping on top of the price. The stand where I got this also had gypsi belts, which I thought about really hard, but they weren't long enough to fit on my hips, and for $27 I'm not buying something I have to doctor to fit.

As well as a new lip balm, cause when we passed the beeswax shop that had lip balm listed on the sign, everyone knew I had to go in and look ;)

I had a glass of Sangria, it wasn't great, but it wasn't bad either. I got to keep my glass

I look forward to going back next year, and hope to add on to my outfit in the meantime ;)

Patches continues to grow, explore and amuse.

He's developed this habit of laying just outside the edge of my chair mat and turning his pur up to full blast. Conveniently just out of reach of the chair when I roll back, aaaaand just out of easy reach of me to pick him up for a cuddle XD.

A fact that seems to amuse him...
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Puddums knows who's queen though, and is keeping a back seat while Duchess has the helm at the closet door..... At least no one's hissing.... Much.

The kitten has had his check up, got the start of his vaccines, got his ear mites taken care of and has been treated for fleas. He was so thrilled XD. Actually, according to mom, he slept in her arms most of the time he was there, just his ears would twitch when the door would open.
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We've left my bedroom door open for half the morning, and Duchess and Puddums have wondered in and quickly found the food bowl and litter pan in my closet and therefore quickly located the kitten who is currently hanging out under my hope-chest next to them.

Kitty kitty kitty... )
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This afternoon, after my mother had my sister in law and I rolling with laughter at some of her work adventures, she declared that she wanted to write a book. She never really clarified what kind of book, but given the story's she tells sometimes, it'd most likely turn into a comedy if she did actually write one.

Later on, Puddums come out of the hole she was hiding from the kids in and climbed up on my lap, as she often does if I'm in a reclined position, she's a lap hound of a cat after all. As I sat there petting her, I noticed that she had something stuck to her chest that looked kinda like a foil sticker, but was too stuck for me to just grab and pull off.

So once I got up and got dad to hold her and I could use both hands to get it off, I discovered that it was actually the cover to a little packet of jelly that she had to have laid on long enough to get it stuck on there like it was.....

Now I know we have scads of those little jelly cups around, that's basically how we get our jelly anymore, since we use it so rarely. I also know that from time to time, the kids take one and eat the jelly out of it, they're supposed to ask first, but you know, they're kids.

And its cause they're kids that I know that's how the trash from one ended up in a spot where the cat would lay on it, but *head desk* just when you think you have them trained to put their trash in the trash can, they prove you wrong.

Anyhow, once we got the thing off of Puddums fur and let her go so she could clean herself I happened to walk through the dining room where she'd gone to sulk about the whole thing, and before I ever actually got into the dining room, she bolted off to the other end of the house with a look of fear, that I might be coming back to pin her down again for something else XD.

What made me laugh even harder is if I'd sat down long enough right after that, she'd have likely come right back out and sat on my lap again shortly after. sometimes I think she has short term memory loss, I really do.
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While my cats may or may not grasp that I'm in the middle of rearranging my books, which therefore involves my headboard and the new small shelf I got from my grandmothers place next to the bed, they're doing a very good job of playing oblivious.

They're doing such a good job of it, Duchess has gone into full on comfy kitty, not moving if her life depended on it mode.

They'll catch a clue once I've finished my dinner and go back to shelving books though.


Jul. 8th, 2012 01:06 am
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In the wake of the ongoing Manga debacle, I realized that I'd completely forgotten to post pictures of the things my parents got me from France.

They got all the ladies these sock type dolls. These are the type of decorative sacks that are meant to be used to store plastic grocery bags to use later. I haven't decided quite what I'm gonna use it for, I may just leave it empty.

From a distance it kinda looks like she has two sets of eyes, with the way that her eyelashes were painted on. Every now and then I forget that it's her eyelashes and I get weirded out because it looks like a second set of eyes.

I also got a new pin to add to my collection. It says Nice.

When I pulled those pictures off my camera, I found some random cat pictures I forgot I'd taken.

I'm sure that look is something to the effect of 'piss off'.

This was one of the many times that I'd kicked her out of my spot on the bed. usually she just flops down somewhere towards the middle of the floor, but this time she found my folded flat sheet and used it as a pillow. Cuteness
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I went outside this morning to try and figure out why the dog seems to be sleeping in the shrub that's by the foot of the stairs, rather than in her house(turns out one of the lawn chairs got set down across the run line[P.S. the dog tried to run ahead of me and caught my ankles in her rope and dammit rope burn stings like the dickens!]) and I found these as I was checking out the plants in the green house. The last couple years every tomato plant we've had has either withered before bearing fruit, or the birds and other pests have eaten all the fruit.

When I went out, I took Puddums with me. for the last year or so she's been tiptoeing out onto the porches when the door has been left open for longer than 5 minutes, and starts to nose about things at the edge of the steps. She's still too afraid to stay out there on her own much. As soon as someone moves as if they might be going in and shutting the door, she bolts like lightning back into the house and hides for a bit.

Because of this trend, I have taken to dosing Puddums as a sort of therapy in the hope that she'll get over some of her anxiousness about the whole thing, and maybe she'll start going out and work out her problem with *blech* is at the very least do it more outside like Duchess does. I can hope.

Today when I was coming inside, rather than bolting ahead of me to the door, Puddums seemed determined to sit where she was in the greenhouse and chill, so *shrug*. I propped the door to the back porch open though before Duchess and I came in, and I won't be surprised at all to find her waiting to come in when I go check in a bit.
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This afternoon, while I was trying to put together our new table, Duchess decided it was the right time to pounce on and attack my foot....

and then she looked at me funny when I asked her what was up.

I think she has a bit of cabin fever, since it's been rainy and she wants to go out hunting critters, or whatever it is she gets into when she's out all night like she likes.
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I'd probably be asleep now, if my body hadn't decided to throw uber heartburn at me just before I was going to head that way, so I'm killing time by uploading this video to share.

My younger brother Peter and his kids and their dog have been here all day, and since his kids crashed on him, and his wife is out of town overnight, they're all spending the night here.

Their dog Nali, has a natural curiosity and fascination with our cats, despite the cats steady growl and swipe when she gets close....

Puddums has gone from hiding under the bed and hissing and swiping claws at the dog, to chasing after her.

but then, Nali has also started sticking her head further under the bed that before XD.
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I told this to [ profile] vexed_wench just now, and she said "but you'll still be the young wifey". It made me laugh.

Anyhow, I got what I asked for, and then some. My sister in law and family made dinner, home made burgers and fries, I look forward to the left overs of that. My other brother and his family brought cupcakes from this new place, and let me just say O!M!G! those are some fine damn cupcakes. I'll have to figure out which camera took the picture of them, they were gorgeous too.

And my sister in law knows me well, and made sure there was a peanut butter cup cupcake for me XD my brother was trying to be all "this is this and that is that" and and as he was listing things, I raised my hand and pointed to the one with the little mini mini recces cup on top of the peanut butter looking frosting and said "I see peanut butter cup, this is all I need to know" which made his wife laugh.

The only thing I asked for for my birthday was a new desk chair. it's been almost a year, if not longer since my old one broke, and I managed to break moms old one....

My new chair. this thing is like a rock. I love it. I also got a new Bath&Body Works candle, a new lip balm, a new bath scrufty a card and this head scarf thingy that's nifty.

There's the close up of the card that the head scarf thingy was attached to. Its called a Tube Scarf. I see more of these things in my future.

And now, Kitty Palooza! )

And until it went off just now while I was writing up this post, I had completely forgotten that I set my own birthday reminder with the Hitachiin twins image song XD.
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I've been pestering my mother that she needs more season appropriate wreaths to cover other parts of the year, aside from Christmas and Autumn. I've also been pestering her that she has several wreaths that are abused and beyond salvaging, aside from their wreath bases. Back in the Autumn I got her to go pick out the flowers and whatnot that she'd like for a fall wreath(posted pics back here...), cause the old one was one of the old abused wreaths.

So after much dropping of hints that good old A.C.Moore was having sales(when doesn't A.C.Moore have a sale though, really?) I got Mom to the store to check out their holiday clearance, and as is the nature of the stores, they already had the St Patty's day items out,

They always look better in person, but that's true of most things. )

And now back to FF8!
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My mother decided months and months ago, or rather a couple years ago, and acctually went about hunting for the parts a couple months ago, that she'd like to do a christmas card with a picture of the cats done up in hats and collars. Now, its unlikely that this will acctually happen this year, given that it's already the 8th of December, and mom doesn't even have all the bits she wants, but maybe we can work on getting a good shot for next year.

That said, I have tried a few times to get the hats or collars on the cats and take pictures, with the expected result of run aways and a dead camera battery, but hey, its a negotiation, we're working through it.

Duchess is not amused,

but she's more cooperative than Puddums... )

I personally die laughing every time I see that photo.
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I spent the last week watching my younger brothers dog. When I say adventures, I mean it. She's a Siberian Huskie, which I may or may not be misspelling but that's ok. Among other things, we I figured out that if I should ever watch this dog again, it will work out alot better if I go stay at my brothers house with the dog, because she spent much of the time here, trying to mark territory rather than just going potty and she ended up peeing on the floor often, despite how many times I took her out. I also found out that the previous owners claim that she used to catch rabbits all the time was quite true, and that she's exceptionally good at it, I lost count of the field mice she caught on our walks, but despite not eating her food most of the time, she did anything but starve while she was here...
Puppy dogums... )

Also, I did in fact change my layout again, but just a color change, still roughly the same header, and added in a bg. The orange was starting to make me twitch every time I opened my LJ. Sorry to anyone who was enjoying it.
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Duchess apparently plan to claim the new bed in the back room as her sun-bathing spot now that we've moved the kiddie stuff out XD.

Her fur goes nicely with the color scheme of the bedding though.


May. 13th, 2011 08:15 pm
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So, Earlier, Puddum's bit my hand hard enough to draw blood, I chased her down, and there were words....

So, Puddum's is now avoiding me. This will likely end sometime in the night while I'm sleeping, and she thinks it's safe to climb up on my bed, but who knows.

Duchess is however living up to her name and basking in having the bed to herself.

This is from today. It's apprently some unwritten cat rule that she who has the middle of the bed owns the bed...

But we can see she makes a habbit of this..... )


May. 11th, 2011 12:22 pm
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One of my chores this morning was to vacuum the carpet in my bedroom. The cats spend the majority of the day in my room.

The before and after... )

The cats however do not appreciate the removal of their fine work on layering the rug with their fur.

Fuzzie Britches that they are.... )

Now to get my allergy's to settle back down again.


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