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Dec. 27th, 2011 02:30 am
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So, my family being us, we have what I call "floating Christmas" meaning we figure out the best day as close to actual Christmas that we can all get together to exchange gifts and just get to spend a bit of time together. last year it was the day after New Years, this year it was the day after Christmas, fun.

while I'm sure I'll talk about our adventures some in the next fapchat, but at the moment I'm done in from the "get the house clean/get the gifts wrapped/mom's crazy ass schedule stress", and the looming "crap we're hosting the new years party" stress to really want to do much more than show of my pretty sparklies and squeal about them, so

My sparklies! )

I should really be sleeping, my brothers leaving sometime tomorrow morning, I'd like to be up to say bye to them.
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I have all of Sailor Moon on DVD!!!!!!! We know what I'll be doing for the next several days XD.

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I'll be sleeping till next year, thanks. XD. I've got a cold, that magically didn't hit me till the day after I went to the clinic..and I've been put on blood pressure medication...we'll see how that goes.

Christmas day, we spent the day over at my brothers place, and the one gift his daughter was truly hoping and wishing for was this Little Mermaid bath set. She got it, and then towards the end of the evening, she fells asleep holding it, well, the little Ariel figure that came with it anyway.

New Years Eve/Our Christmas Eve("Grand Santa")

one of my many cousins, she'll be 2 in about a week. shaking her groove thing!

Poor Larry The Lobster, what'd he ever do?

We got Disney Sing It for the wii this year. We really need to work at it, and see if we can unlock any other songs on it.

Tre, singing "You've Got A Friend in Me" cause he was asked. There's video of this, and the many pitches he threw out, but the video's gonna be another post. The song suits Tre, cause Toy Story was the first movie he really got hooked on as a kid.

Linus trying to ignore the noisy people dancing out in the next room, watching Ice Age.

Our beat up old pool table, where most of the guy's spent the evening. Also, the men in the family are extreme smart butts. so are the women, but the men are more extreme.

Linus, singing to the song being danced to by the girls. s'hard to say which he likes better, the Sing It game, or the Just Dance series.

and, my loot. I also got Croc's and bedding, but I'm wearing one, and the others on my bed already XD I've also been told the item I specifically requested has been ordered, but is still on its way, so, whenever it gets here, I shall have a complete set of Sailor Moon anime, as well as the three movies, on DVD!

Thats all for now, grand-mom's over here now, and we need to give her her gifts, and then dinner. there's some video's coming, but they're still sitting at about 10% uploaded, so there's no telling when they'll finish.
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Happy Holidays and all that Jazz!

My family's official Christmas isn't till next weekend, but I've got the awesomest best friend, for getting me something I totally did not expect, but adore.

now I'm going back to ogling the drawings, because unfortunately, I have not learned the art of translating Japanese.
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I was told this in a sense of "posting something the person who was pointing this out hasn't already heard about" cause said person had already heard about my sims thing, in my last post...anyway

on with the new stuff... )


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