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Becca, you feed my habits you know.

I get why you said I'd want to have my box before AWA. it'd have been nice to have that wheelie back pack to haul my loot around the dealers room, but it's prolly better I didn't or I'd have ended up exceeding my weight limit for my bags on the way home.

*pets artwork* must work on getting these framed and added to the wall!

I told you Tink was gonna live on top of my tv.

I got a spiffy new scarf, purple glitter spray, earrings that light up, a crocheted basket, a 'Whiskers on Kittens" Yankee candle and a copy of Jeff Dunham's book 'All by My Selves'.

I forgot to take a picture of it, but my brother and I continued out Purple VS Green game. He tells me greens better, and I tell him purple is better. He wrapped his gift to me in green paper, I put mine to him in a purple gift bag. All in good fun. He got me the 'Whiskers on Kittens' candle, cause it was purple, and had cats on it.

We really need to work on taking more pictures in this family. we've been slacking horribly.


Dec. 21st, 2011 01:28 pm
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I ordered several items from this site

worked out well, the charges for gift boxes personalization and the "special holiday" shipping were annoying, but doable.

I ordered them on Saturday, they were sent out on Monday night, quite speedy for something that required personalization.

They arrived today, and for whatever reason, they sent one of the plaques I ordered without it's gift box.

It also happens that the one without the gift box arrived with a piece broken off.

to their customer service's credit, they took my word, and are sending a new plaque, with the gift box, free of charge, and overnight!

so, they goofed up, but they were willing to make it right without a hassle.

I'm sure my not ripping their heads off over the phone helped that XD but I felt like it inside.


By the way, if you look at the site, and you're considering buying something, know that if you play the game Gnome Town on FB, there's a chance to get 180(I'm pretty sure that was the amount) gold bars if you follow the link from the game to the site. I discovered this after I bought my stuff unfortunately :(


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