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So, I've navigated having an Ebay account, bidding on things, and paying for them....

I have a PayPal account that I've learned how to work...

I figured out how to sell stuff....

Tonight, I went to write down the peoples addresses, to ship out the ones paid for, and have my dad stop at the post office for me... But I happened to see and figure out their print at home shipping labels, that once paid for and printed, just need stuck to the package and the package put in the mail box (depending on the size of said package of course)

When I found my father to let him know that I would no longer need him to stop at the post office, he was glad to hear that I'd figured out the print your own label option, and after a few minutes, had a slight revelation that, given a supply of shipping materials, he could put me in charge of selling off all their stuff they no longer want on Ebay....

So, the cousin to Murphy's Law. If you show capability at something, they'll want you to do it again.

but hey, if I get a to keep the money, or at least a commission, it's not a bad thing, per se.
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So, my parents are officially on vacation this week, only they haven't gone anywhere, and only just decided to go down to Ocean City MD, cause my aunt and uncle are there, and said it was nice. While they may have picked a place to run off to for a few days, for the time being they're still here. Since I'm watching my brother's dog at the moment, it'd be less of a pain to wait to put her in her cage after my parents got back from their adventures in shopping, or whatever it is they're out doing.

So naturally, I sent a text to my father, because he gives more realistic timelines, and asked how late they expected to be, here's the text I got in return...

Joe has turned off his phone. This message was sent automatically, do not reply.

Thanks dad, really cute.

So I sent the same question to my mom, then I got a real reply from dad XD.
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My father is so utterly silly, and yet, it's really a rather clever trick, and fun to play with while you're eating. but still, silly.

My father, if you spend enough time with him, you will find, adores spaghetti. he'd have it every other night of the week, if the rest of us didn't get tired of it from time to time.

looks like your standard bowl of spaghetti, right?

just happens to have hot dogs cut up into it yeah?

pay close attention to the hot dog slice at the bottom right of the bowl that's managed to escape the sauce....

catch on yet?

that's right. he and my niece "stuffed" the hot dog slice's with noodles.

makes it a little hard to do the fork twirl of noodles, but it's fun to spear a hot dog chunk and get a mouth full of noodles with it.
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So, those who chat with me regularly, or just cause my post about monkey cake and my new phone know that I have said new phone, and with this new phone, we have added unlimited texting to our plan, because, well, my mother was tired of hearing about it really.

So, this fine evening, my father came home early to get some work done on the basement, and I agreed to help him go through some more boxes, which are a lot less than the last time I was down there. now, unknown to him, I had been chatting with [ profile] vexed_wench  up until then, and as I logged off my IM, I let her know I'd have my phone with me. so, as we were sitting going through boxes, my phone kept beeping about new texts XD. and I'd answer, and back and forth. my father seems to assume that I walk around posting the most inane things to Twitter, I swear. as is I, let alone anyone who follows me on twitter would want to know whether he just used the bathroom *shakes head* silly man.

Until he catches on, I do plan to have fun confusing him as to whether or not I'm posting to twitter, and what I may or may not be posting. My father is on a fine line with texting, he gets what it is, sort of knows how to do it(must teach him not to use text speak, I can't handle it) but because he sees little use for it, he questions the need for it. so, like I said, it's something I can have fun with him on.


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