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A conversation between me and a friend.

I'm the one who's the Aunt here, right? )
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The guard mentioned in this article is one of my cousins. Its cool that he's good at what he does, and he's enjoying it, and seems happy with the way things are going.

But I can't help but giggle at the cheesy photo they used, but yet it's so him.

Hospital guard foils suspected sneaker thief's getaway

I'm sure there will be much talk of this event and the resulting article at the party tomorrow.
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So, for those who were still in chat last night, and heard about my niece's temp spike and stomach pain, she's doing fairly well, so no trips to the ER likely in our future, but her temp keeps fluxing, so probably another trip to the doctor whenever her mom can get her in there.

My journal subject is in reference to the fact that right now, she is watching Sailor Moon, subbed, and seems to be quite enjoying it XD and she's only 8 ;D.  I wish I had some Manga series that were age appropriate to let her borrow and read, but unfortunately not yet.
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I was copying discs of songs my brother Joe and some friend(s) recorded during one of their jam sessions I offered to share one with [ profile] vexed_wench so I thought I'd post it here and offer it to anyone who'd like to listen.

Mary Jane's Last Dance -

If you've never heard the original version, here's a decent copy on youtube

If you like, you can always swing my way towards the end of may for a live performance when we have out big party weekend, there's always a jam session at least one of the nights that weekend ;D


Jan. 2nd, 2011 02:37 am
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My nephew Tre, singing "You've Got A Friend in Me" from Toy Story.

Linus getting his jam on to...I can't really remember what song it was they were dancing to... but it's cute!

and my brothers and niece Piper dancing to "Womanizer". Sadly, my camera battery died in the middle, and I missed the finale, but still, I caught enough for posterity.
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I'll be sleeping till next year, thanks. XD. I've got a cold, that magically didn't hit me till the day after I went to the clinic..and I've been put on blood pressure medication...we'll see how that goes.

Christmas day, we spent the day over at my brothers place, and the one gift his daughter was truly hoping and wishing for was this Little Mermaid bath set. She got it, and then towards the end of the evening, she fells asleep holding it, well, the little Ariel figure that came with it anyway.

New Years Eve/Our Christmas Eve("Grand Santa")

one of my many cousins, she'll be 2 in about a week. shaking her groove thing!

Poor Larry The Lobster, what'd he ever do?

We got Disney Sing It for the wii this year. We really need to work at it, and see if we can unlock any other songs on it.

Tre, singing "You've Got A Friend in Me" cause he was asked. There's video of this, and the many pitches he threw out, but the video's gonna be another post. The song suits Tre, cause Toy Story was the first movie he really got hooked on as a kid.

Linus trying to ignore the noisy people dancing out in the next room, watching Ice Age.

Our beat up old pool table, where most of the guy's spent the evening. Also, the men in the family are extreme smart butts. so are the women, but the men are more extreme.

Linus, singing to the song being danced to by the girls. s'hard to say which he likes better, the Sing It game, or the Just Dance series.

and, my loot. I also got Croc's and bedding, but I'm wearing one, and the others on my bed already XD I've also been told the item I specifically requested has been ordered, but is still on its way, so, whenever it gets here, I shall have a complete set of Sailor Moon anime, as well as the three movies, on DVD!

Thats all for now, grand-mom's over here now, and we need to give her her gifts, and then dinner. there's some video's coming, but they're still sitting at about 10% uploaded, so there's no telling when they'll finish.

Easter fun

Apr. 15th, 2009 05:34 pm
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Be warned, I didn't shrink anything down, and don't know how to post small linked images from photobucket, if someone knows how, please explain, I'd like to learn.

Easter Pictures )
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I had fun, my family keeps getting bigger, which I suppose is a good thing.

My eldest brother and his wife and kids came up to see us the day after Christmas, and stayed for a week. at thanksgiving, because I let him and his family use my room, every time he and I were in the room at the same time, he'd thank me for letting him use my room, the bed was comfy, but the room was awfully purple. so this time, a few days before they were to come up to visit, I went through and gathered every purple thing I could and put it in my room. pity is I didn't take a picture like I wanted, but it was fun. they got her on Friday night, and it took him till Sunday night to notice. I'd say I'd take it another step and paint my walls purple and get purple carpet but, as much as I like the color, I don't like it that much. and the fabric that I draped everywhere, which was how I got the majority of my room turned purple, that kind of thing annoys me, it only passes in my closet as a way to hide my storage area in the side I leave open most the time. It was fun, the whole barrage of "paint your room green" has gone up, but it was fun, and worth it.

if people beg me enough I'll set the fabric back up and take a pic, but you gotta beg.

as for my growing family, I have one cousin who's due any day now, her due date was the 27th of December, and as of right now, we've not gotten a call saying she had the baby yet. and we'd better or I'll poke my cousin-in-law, cause he knows I need to know, I've got a bib to put a name on.

another cousin, she announced on Christmas Eve that she was pregnant, this will be their second. I swear, theses people don't want to give me a chance to work on my own cross-stitch projects, they keep having babies and getting married.

I did manage to get one thing made, two actually, but I can't say what they are, cause one person hasn't opened theirs yet, yes Becca, that'd be you, Stella got the other one. its not a cross-stitch though, but it is a crafty thing. I'm having a real slacking on the picturing of my crafts...when you open it Becca take a pic for me will you.

anyway, that's all I can think of that's new, I've got loot shots, cause its just something that seems to have become a tradition, not sure how, but its fun.

The Loot )
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so, every weekend our family has breakfast together. its about the only time during the week that we can actually sit down and talk about whats been going on, and we try to have a family meeting, since we're technically 4 family's, sharing one house.

all that, just set up for the sheer utter brilliance.

this morning, as we do when the weather is nice, we went outside to have breakfast, the grill has a side stove, and we have a cast iron griddle that works for those type of things, and if we need it, we drag out the camping stove.

again, more set up.

I was put in charge of chopping up the potatoes into the pan. fairly easy task, its actually a chore I secretly like doing. so, in order to get some people fed, while I cut up the rest of the potatoes, my father said he'd give me a new pan, and take the one I had.

so, I lifted my arms out of the way, and let my father switch the pans, and then put my arms back down in the same position to continue chopping.

the sheer utter brilliance came to light when my arms touched the side of the pan and I screamed as they burned (not badly, pulled them away fast enough)

figure out the brilliance yet?

I had taken the pan I was originally using off a stack on the table.

my father, he grabbed the one off the grill, that was on, and had been lit for a good 20-30 minutes by now, and said pan, once my brain calmed down from the burn reaction, had melted, and what was probably sizzling butter in the bottom.

my fathers response when I yelled that he gave me a hot pan? he didn't realize it was hot.

*head desk*

of course, then it turned into a joke about how he was secretly plotting my demise, and we laughed our butts off.


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