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While most of the water has receded from our yard, we're of course still working to clear out the mess, and try and locate things that got pushed around by the water in the yard.

I finally got around to uploading the three short videos I shot yesterday, during my second round of picture taking, when I finally remembered that my camera shoots video XD

This is the stream that came through at least one neighbors yard up from us, as it entered into our yard. Its possible it came through more neighbors yards before getting to ours, cause there's a been bag toss and a spare tire that don't belong to us, that are now in our yard.

This is the stream as it leaves our yard. It managed to break the fence thats between our yard and the neighbor on that side. We'll need to go over sometime and see if they hapened to find the bowl of a fire-pit...we're not holding out much hope of finding it though, it was really light, and would have floated easily.

And this was the level and speed of our creek. While it's entirely possible that it could someday break it's bank and come flooding down the yard, that's not what actually happened this time. What happened this time is the creek broke its bank at a bend somewhere further up the mountain, and because there was so much coming so fast down it, it took the path of least resistance, which was going through all those yards.

And now, back to clean-up, cause we all just looooooove clean-up


Sep. 8th, 2011 06:18 pm
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For those interested, I have all the photos I took uploaded at my photobucket.

There's two "sets" of photos in there, one I took at around 10-11 AM, and another I took around 1 PM. The slide show puts them up at random.

Now back to trying to clean up the
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I know its not like she does it on purpose, but still, when I told mom I wanted a pool in the back yard, I just meant one of those inflatable ones, for those really flooging hot days of summer, not the mess that the yard is now.


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