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Apr. 21st, 2012 08:17 pm
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I mean really?

There's no way I'd have ever figured it out.

Recall playing video games, and having to punch in a sequence of directional keys to get some secret power, and magically you could get from the beginning of the game to the end boss, or something like that?

This is apparently how a person logs out of the Netflix app on our new TV down stairs...

The last time my one brother and his family stayed over, they logged into the Netflix app on our internet capable TV downstairs using their account. This is no big problem, the TV randomly boots the login out, and why should they know our login info off the top of their head right. This was about a month ago, and the TV still hadn't booted their login off, and for the life of me, nothing I clicked on the TV helped, and I kept getting no search results.

So this afternoon, somehow my brother found some page, the kind you almost don't want to open on your computer, and found an answer to the riddle of how the heck to log out of your account on the TV's Netflix app, and I kid you not, it told us to go into the app and enter the following sequence.


And dangit, if a log out screen didn't work.

My brother and I are still laughing about it.
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it's been an interesting weekend, and it's not even over yet, we have another party to go to tommorow...

Yesterday we had what we call a pig roast, I've never looked into how popular this type of thing is, but where I used to live, when people asked where I was going memorial day weekend, and I said to a pig roast they'd look at me and go "huh?"

our pig roast is sort of a family reunion as well as celebrating memorial day, we also celebrate any other important event, my one cousins birthday is the 28th of may, so we have a cake  and presents for her (well, given that the party is at her parents house eh) if there's a graduation or something like that, we celebrate that as well.

this year was one of our more interesting years, but since I'm tired, have to go do dishes still and want to go to bed, I'm only doing high lights.....that and I was drunk fairly early on.

mmmm....*skims through the night* .... all the really funny stuff I can remember was the dancing and fooling around up at the kareoke tent, and that was mostly you had to be there stuff.

one thing I heard about later, but wasn't acctually witeness to, was my one uncle trying to toast a marshmellow, and it caught fire, and he started waveing it around to try and put it out, and it landed on my dads leg, on his sock, supposedlt my mother laughed so hard she had tears comming out of her eye's, and at some point my uncle started hitting my dads leg with the marshmellow stick....and my father screamed like a girl....don't worry, my dad just pulled off his sock and he was fine, but knowing this is set up for this afternoon.

this morning my father decided to play a trick on my uncle, he had us dig out some makeup, and paint a burn on his leg where the marshmellow had landed(darn I forgot to steal the camera and cord to get a copy of the photo we took of it before we left), and then when we got back to where the people were meeting back up, just casually walked up and waited to see what happened.

we fooled every one, we kept the uncle who made the marshmellow fly going the longest, but by then, too may people were trying to hold in the laughter. and after that, every new group that showed up was subjected to a deeper plan of attack, after a while my dad was limping around and jumping and yelling everytime someone touched the fake burn, it even fooled the profesional paramedic in the family *snickers*

.....brain fart.....what else happened.....something elses happened in between then and midnight......what was it dangit.....*shrug* can't remember.

at midnight though, we celebrated my cousins 21st birthday, and she took some shots with her dad, and every one kept cracking jokes how she should look more like she'd never had the stuff before.

but even better, was after that, while outside around the fire, one of our cousins asked the birthday girls boyfriend how he was going to handel her in 20 minutes after three shots of alcohol, and without missing a beat he replyed "I'll just put her to bed like I always do" while sitting right next to her father.

other than that, there was a fun competition going between my little brother and our one cousin playing guitar hero, but then, those two have always been like that.

I also just realized that my uncle (who is my fathers second oldsest sibling, of which he has 6, and he is number 4 of) his oldest son is only a year older than me (*chuckles* he thought I meant he looked old *grin*), that just wowed me, because I truely thought he was closer to my second oldest brother, who's about 4 years older than me. I blame it on the fact that they live in many many states away, and we only see them once, maybe twice a year, in fact, this is the first time they've come to the pig roast, ever.

now, dishes, sleep, party tommorow....can't decide if I want to go swimming or not...higher chance, this aunt has an inground pool, not an above ground one.


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