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so, back in 1993, I remember this video coming out

I remember it very well, cause my younger brother and I were staying with an aunt and uncle while our parents went to one of their high school reunions. The aunt and uncle we were with were on vacation with my uncles brother and his family, and they have two older daughters who were probably about 14 or 15, maybe a little older, I know I was only 12.

I know this song clearly, because every day at a certain time, these girls would come running up from the beach, take over the tv to watch this video, which I guess MTV does with new videos *Shrug* and then they'd run off again.

What I don't recall is this video being about missing kids.....oh well. I've always been more for liking the songs, not so much the video's they make for them.

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Sep. 25th, 2009 11:11 am
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It's amazing the amount of space photos can take up. I boggle every time I find out the size of the photo folder on my dad's computer, and that's after he gets rid of all the bad shots. I was searching for the photo of the cake I made for my nieces birthday, and it was takeing an eternity to find it searching on my mothers computer through the house network. so I figured why not, I've got a huge secondary hard drive, I should have the space, even with my ever expanding anime and doujin I backed out of the folder I was searching in and highlighted all the files and folders, and on a whim clicked the button to tell me how large the whole group of files was. last I heard it was around 4 gig's, not bad, my drive is it's only been about a year since I remember hearing that roughly 4 gig estimate, and what is it now? almost 8 gigs, and my father has bee slacking on remembering his camera when we go places. dang.

it made me wonder how many gig's the crates of old print photos would be if I were to get off my duff about it and scan them into the computer like my father keeps bribing me to. I cringe at the idea, not the amount of space it'd take up, but the shear monotony of scanning all those photos. granted that alot of those pictures in that bucket are doubles, there's still alot of photos. there's a good twenty years of them before my parents ever got a digital camera. I have been tempted though, not for the money my father has tried bribing me into it with, but the thought of finding this one photo that I've been looking for for several years.

I forget every now and then that I'd like to have a copy of it for my album, not to mention I'd like to be able to show it to my friends who've heard about the story it's involved with....when I was about 2 and a half, maybe 3, I was in a car my mother was driving, and she'd buckled me into the regular seatbelt. being a small child, and too nosy for my own good, I figured out ow to unbuckle it and then managed to open the car door. I fell out and don't really recall much of it all, just being in the ambulance, and my father bringing me my favorite bear, I don't even remember being at the spot where the photo was taken, but I remember the photo, I can describe it in very fine details, its one of my favorites, because I look like I'm drunk. *shrug* maybe one day my desire to find that photo will win out over my refuseal to sit and scan a mountain of photos.

I've been sitting here for a good half hour or so watching these files transfer, and it's barely moved the second folder....I think I'm gonna go and see who gets kicked off of dancing with the stars this week....I don't even remember who was left after last week.


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