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I was copying discs of songs my brother Joe and some friend(s) recorded during one of their jam sessions I offered to share one with [ profile] vexed_wench so I thought I'd post it here and offer it to anyone who'd like to listen.

Mary Jane's Last Dance -

If you've never heard the original version, here's a decent copy on youtube

If you like, you can always swing my way towards the end of may for a live performance when we have out big party weekend, there's always a jam session at least one of the nights that weekend ;D
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Put your iTunes on shuffle and make a list of the first 25 artist's - to see your different music taste.

This first list I put together using my entire music library. It's not a very accurate result based on that, given that I've copied the majority of the CD's belonging to my younger brother and his family, not to mention my parents CD's as well. So, I have a lot of music, but it's not all necessarily to my taste ;) This did show me that I have music I like, but forgot I had though.

Entire Music Library Run... )

This list I made using my "Master" playlist that I listen to when I'm not looking for a specific artist/song/mood. Right now this playlist has 591 songs, and is a much more accurate sampling than the 9484 songs/other stuff in my library.

My Master Playlist Run... )

Even though the second list is more accurate, I do think that specific songs give more away about a person's music tastes, but since most artists tend to have a similar sound across their works, I suppose it works well enough.
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I told my mother I'd gather all our cd's and other music, and compile a playlist with "upbeat/happy/party" type music.

while I knew that I'd be asked to pull the Japanese music out of the list, it still irks me.

there's some damn fine Japanese songs out there that fit that theme

of course, once I've gathered all the music, and eliminated all the slow/sad/sappy songs, if the total left is high enough, I fully intend to pick out a few Japanese songs and slip them in. >:) if the playlist is long enough, and on shuffle, I can claim I accidentally missed removing it, right?!?
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It's possible I knew at one time where the term Pennsylvania Dutch came to be, but if I did, I lost it in the years in between of general living and knowledge gathering.

So in my little research trip, one of the sites I came across has background music, sometimes an annoying thing, sometimes not. Point of this story is, now the song is stuck in my head, and I can only find the background music, not a version with words. the song happens to be in a movie, called Groundhogs Day, with Bill Murray, good movie, its fun. and while I could watch that movie and hope to clear it out of my head so I can concentrate on other things, the only copy we have is VHS, and the only way I can watch a VHS movie in this house is in the living room, seeing as I don't have one in my room.

Ah well, I can just play the the tune and drive my family bonkers with it, if I can't get it out of my head. - The Pennsylvania Polka (background music) - The Lyrics


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