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I'd probably be asleep now, if my body hadn't decided to throw uber heartburn at me just before I was going to head that way, so I'm killing time by uploading this video to share.

My younger brother Peter and his kids and their dog have been here all day, and since his kids crashed on him, and his wife is out of town overnight, they're all spending the night here.

Their dog Nali, has a natural curiosity and fascination with our cats, despite the cats steady growl and swipe when she gets close....

Puddums has gone from hiding under the bed and hissing and swiping claws at the dog, to chasing after her.

but then, Nali has also started sticking her head further under the bed that before XD.
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It's cute to watch, they'll chase each other up and down the fence, and then will just up like that and lick each others faces.

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I spent the last week watching my younger brothers dog. When I say adventures, I mean it. She's a Siberian Huskie, which I may or may not be misspelling but that's ok. Among other things, we I figured out that if I should ever watch this dog again, it will work out alot better if I go stay at my brothers house with the dog, because she spent much of the time here, trying to mark territory rather than just going potty and she ended up peeing on the floor often, despite how many times I took her out. I also found out that the previous owners claim that she used to catch rabbits all the time was quite true, and that she's exceptionally good at it, I lost count of the field mice she caught on our walks, but despite not eating her food most of the time, she did anything but starve while she was here...
Puppy dogums... )

Also, I did in fact change my layout again, but just a color change, still roughly the same header, and added in a bg. The orange was starting to make me twitch every time I opened my LJ. Sorry to anyone who was enjoying it.


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