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I was told this in a sense of "posting something the person who was pointing this out hasn't already heard about" cause said person had already heard about my sims thing, in my last post...anyway

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It's good to know that in today's society where every one seems to ignore those they don't know even when those people are in obvious trouble, that there are still some people who are willing to help.

Today while we were at a diner waiting for our food to show up, one of the waitresses carrying a tray of food to people a few tables down from us, tripped and fell, landing against the back door of the diner and landing half out of the door. the man siting in the booth right behind us jumped up, almost before any of the other diner employees could come over to help and started helping the waitress sit up and recover. it made me feel good to know that someone still has the belief of helping those in need.

*sniggers* in my last journal I mentioned that I was copying the photo archives from my mothers computer to mine. As [profile] zakai_ said in my comments "watching files transfer is like watching paint dry, only slightly more entertaining". I'm still getting giggles off of that one.  so,  those photos,  that all I wanted was a copy of the  ones taken of the cake I made  for the party *rolls eyes* it took over 4 hours for them to finish transferring, and I finally was able to post them on devart, and now that I have time to sit here and actually type more than "oh lookie, photos" I can post them here...if I can figure out how to do that....too many little can dos to figure out, took me forever to figure out how to add Zakais thingy up there, and when you think about it, it's almost glaringly obvious which button to use...

on the front you can see, well, everything *grins* I think I was too high off all the sugar from the icing, I had to mix at least 2 different batches of the green can't really see in this photo, but I was having alot of trouble getting the color to mix thoroughly, so here and there will be patches of stars that have a dark greenish blue color on the one side, while in others there's a creamish white color to some stars.

the castle and all it's little accessories were a toy set that my sister in law had gotten for he daughter, but decided that they'd gotten too many gifts for her, so we decided to use it for the cake, that worked, since we hadn't come up with any ideas till then. other than pointing out that the swan on the pond is supposed to be writing out the words, I don't feel much like explaining the whole thing again, so I'll let you investigate the picture and see if you can find all the little secret things hidden on and in the castle.

this would be the back of the cake, obviously. you can see some of the stuff you could see from the front, and some not, some you can see from both sides but you don't notice. have fun trying to find everything.

I realized about 10 seconds after I first posted this that it's now technically my nieces acctual birthday. hopefully she'll remember her promise to not be a brat like she's started being ever since her party and we'll get to go do something special. *laughs* my sister in law was talking about the fact that she'd like to take her to Chuck E. Chesse for lunch, and then realized as she was saying it that I had class from 10 till 2:30 *shrug* I'm not sure why, but she had in her head that I should have off for my nieces birthday, I told her not to put the idea in my head.


May. 7th, 2007 11:36 pm
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sort of.

I've said somewhere, or at least implied that I just recently started college...I'm a late bloomer you could say. Anyway, one of my classes this term was a saturday class and this sayurday was my last class. when my sister-in-law came to pick me up she asked how I felt to have finished my first college course - and I question terming the class a college course, but it's required - and I danced a jig and shouted freedom! I have my saturdays back! when I repeated this to my mother later that day she responded with "we'll fill them up fast enough". spoilsport, can't let me dream for a bit.

This weekend was entertaining, yet draining. as soon as we left the school we went home to drop off my books and pick up my mother to go to my cousins first holy communion celebration. my family is like a party in a box, really, it's difficult not to fill a house, if you invite just my dad's siblings, he has 6, 4 of which live in PA within 10-20 minutes of us. and each of those have between 2-4 children.....the insanity! so, we spent several hours there...I forget, my sinus/allergy medicine was wearing off by the time we left. and I had to go home and make a cake, yay!

I may whine about it, but I love makeing cakes, just not with severe sinus/allergy pain. I've made my nieces birhtday cakes since her 2nd birthday, the only reason I didn't make her first one is cause they lived in a different state. so, many month ago once the theme was decided I started planning the cake. It went though many stages, from being decorated with fondant to ....just many interesting concoctions that wouldn't have really worked. if I had a copy of the pictures of the cake I took I'd post them but I forgot to get my fathers portable harddrive today. made that cake, and somehow in the middle of it all I got the job of makeing a cake for the mini baby shower we were having on the side for one of my other sister-in-laws. my mother gave me gruff later because I was "lazy" and just covered that cake in pink icing and printed out a congradulations message on paper and stuck it on the cake. I should have asked her, the woman who got frustrated with glueing  bits of photos and paper in a scrapbook that she'd already aranged herself, if she'd have been artsy fartsy with a second cake after little more than 4 hours of sleep for 2 nights in a row.

the party its self was fun, we had a hay ride, and home made ice cream, and games and crafts. we didn't get to play all the games, but that was becuause it was a sunday and most of the kids had school the next day. I pilfered some of the extra party bags, I'm a big kid that way. it'll all end up going back to my niece though, when she comes into my room and happily raids whatever she sees fit to be hers. I'm thankful my dresser is a really old fashioned real wood and the drawers are really heavy and hard to open, since I keep part of my craft supplies in the one drawer. there is no such thing as child proofing, all you can do is make child resistant.

well, that was my weekend in my random scatterbrained bounce around method. now my tush dosen't like this chair, and none of my chat buddies are on to tempt me to stay on for hours rambling, so I'm going to bed.


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