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The tree is still in the middle of the road, but we have power back.

hopefully they come back, you know, earlier tomorrow to take more of the tree away, but we have power.

some guy was in the tree, cutting wood, to take home and burn.....

while the power lines were still tangled in the branches....

cause he apparently wanted the wood that badly.

granted the power was "out" but that didn't mean the wires couldn't have power to them at any moment.

but hey, he got the ok from the people, so, it's his life to risk there, have at.
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And it's snowing. That's one thing, the other is we have no power at home, so no heat, and lots of branches started dropping, and alot hang over the house, so better safe than sorry, we've come over to my uncles house, where they have power, and don't have as many trees over the house as we do.

And as for the power situation, not likely coming back on tonight, cause one of our trees broke, big.

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Photobucket album, cause I know some of my friends don't have a Facebook account -
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So, earlier this fine evening...or was it

Sometime around midnight, I was hanging out with the cats in the living room and watching some of the shows I record. Suddenly the power blinked, then there was a loud bang outside, kinda like a gun-shot - from the direction of the power lines - and then the power went out completely.

I happen to really, really not like the dark.... )

So, I've fixed all the clocks, made sure things have come back on like the AC and the net, keyed myself down a bit, I think maybe I'll go finish that episode I was watching before the power went out, and try to get some sleep.


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