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I'd probably be asleep now, if my body hadn't decided to throw uber heartburn at me just before I was going to head that way, so I'm killing time by uploading this video to share.

My younger brother Peter and his kids and their dog have been here all day, and since his kids crashed on him, and his wife is out of town overnight, they're all spending the night here.

Their dog Nali, has a natural curiosity and fascination with our cats, despite the cats steady growl and swipe when she gets close....

Puddums has gone from hiding under the bed and hissing and swiping claws at the dog, to chasing after her.

but then, Nali has also started sticking her head further under the bed that before XD.
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I told this to [ profile] vexed_wench just now, and she said "but you'll still be the young wifey". It made me laugh.

Anyhow, I got what I asked for, and then some. My sister in law and family made dinner, home made burgers and fries, I look forward to the left overs of that. My other brother and his family brought cupcakes from this new place, and let me just say O!M!G! those are some fine damn cupcakes. I'll have to figure out which camera took the picture of them, they were gorgeous too.

And my sister in law knows me well, and made sure there was a peanut butter cup cupcake for me XD my brother was trying to be all "this is this and that is that" and and as he was listing things, I raised my hand and pointed to the one with the little mini mini recces cup on top of the peanut butter looking frosting and said "I see peanut butter cup, this is all I need to know" which made his wife laugh.

The only thing I asked for for my birthday was a new desk chair. it's been almost a year, if not longer since my old one broke, and I managed to break moms old one....

My new chair. this thing is like a rock. I love it. I also got a new Bath&Body Works candle, a new lip balm, a new bath scrufty a card and this head scarf thingy that's nifty.

There's the close up of the card that the head scarf thingy was attached to. Its called a Tube Scarf. I see more of these things in my future.

And now, Kitty Palooza! )

And until it went off just now while I was writing up this post, I had completely forgotten that I set my own birthday reminder with the Hitachiin twins image song XD.
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She must have the largest portion of the bed possible.


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