Jul. 26th, 2013 06:15 pm
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Always. It's Murphy's Law.

We ordered some clothing from

It's a mash up of both Roman's and Woman Within(they have the two separate ones, apparently one being more casual, and the other  being more dressy fare.), which are all under the same company, OSP just lets you order stuff from both and save on the shipping costs.

There was a Triple 30% off coupon. Meaning 30% off your 1st, 3rd and 5th item. Good deal right.

So we ordered the stuff we wanted...

Today in moms email, a new coupon for the same deal, but instead its a Triple 40% off.....

Just, uhg, so annoying.

If our Order hadn't shipped yet, I would so have canceled it and re-ordered everything, but unfortunately it has shipped, and in fact will likely be here tomorrow, if the package tracking is anything to go by.

I'm good with it, but I swear, every time we order clothing there, a better coupon gets sent to us  within a few days thats always such a  better deal, it's annoying.

Whining aside, I really hope my outfit fits! It should, but you never know, and they only offer up to my 'size' so I can't try a larger size if it doesn't fit...
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So, if you've been in the chst room when [ profile] vexed_wench and I are in there together, at least in the last few months, you've probably heard us talking about the game that we play together online We're only mildly obsessed, I swearz XD.

......*sigh* )

Long rant short, I'm frustrated with these people, but not all of them deserve to have it taken out on them.
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Oh, my bloody word! its been too long since I've run into someone with this impression....

I happen to be sitting in my schools cafeteria, waiting for my ride to get here. I'm not trying to listen to the conversation of the two guys at the next table, but really, there's only so much ignoring you can do in a room that echo's like our caff does.

So, as I'm sitting here minding my own business, I hear the words "anime club" and my ears perk up, cause I'd be tempted to join one, if I were able. then I hear the other guy at the table ask the person speaking about the anime club ask what anime is......

the explanation he's given?

"Japanese animations that are pornographic"


I was so tempted to go over and ask him if he thinks with his dick in all area's of life....

or to go over and smack him....

not that I'm not well aware that there are some anime's that lean towards, or plainly are porn....but come on.

maybe I'm so irked because I'm taking Interpersonal Relations, and my ears have gotten into picking up blanket statements and why they're wrong.....

if I weren't expecting my ride to show up any minute, I'd go ask why he said what he did....

oh, he makes my head hurt so.
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why it is that they play a movie on TV, that's...I forget the rating on it, its The Fifth Element. the point of my rant is this, if you've seen the movie, you should recall a part where Ruby is doing things to a stewardess on the plane as they're taking off and then the one other part with the recording Ruby has of the one woman's "singing" voice. we're all adults, we know whats going on, even if they don't show it, in the un-edited film.

what I'd like to know is what point it serves, when this movie is playing at 3 AM, on a Sunday night/Monday morning, and they're cutting those bits out. and yet one of the commercials they play while its airing is for a phone sex line. where is the logic in that, I ask. they have some somewhere, they must.

I'm heading to the shower now, but really, the way their headed...I wouldn't be surprised if I come back to the end of the movie and they cut off the end scene cause of what it implies, I really wouldn't.


Mar. 3rd, 2008 08:16 pm
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it's going to drive me entirely impossibly batty, I swear!

in my math course, the teacher will only accept the problems that he posts online as credit for homework points, though we can work extra problems in the book if we like.....

I think they need to work some bugs out of the system, really. I keep getting told I have a wrong answer, then when I ask it to help me solve it to see where I'm going wrong, cause thats a good and wise thing to do, I go through all the steps it insists on taking you through, only to find out that I have the right answer to begin with.....and I really just want to bash my head repeatedly against my desk....really really hard...

lets not even go into the rant that would result from bringing up the wireless signal dropping every time someone uses the cordless phone in the living room....thats been an ongoing battle for months...


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