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But my Dr's office has had the form since Monday(late Monday, so in their eye's really Tuesday). it's not a long form, it's only 1 page. Yes, it takes a little deep thought to look at my file and insert the info on the form, but again, it's one page. One side of one page.

At least my casework was understanding about Dr's being slack about things like forms filling out.

Hopefully now that I've put a call in and reminded them about it, maybe it'll actually get filled out sometime this century.
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my mother and I ran out to Target, cause I was wheedling for going there, and she wanted prints of some of the pictures from Memorial Day weekend. The Kiosks are set up, yes, I get it, at the photo counter, but it's just bad placement of the whole thing in general. if you're doing more than printing off one picture, the photo desk is set up right outside the bathrooms, which are right next to the main entrance, so theres the traffic to all three places, and you're standing there, leaning forward, trying to squint to see the little thumbnails of your pictures......

they should have an area separated off from the rest of the flow of traffic, where people can actually sit, and see what pictures they're picking, and get what they want.

we won't even go into the attitude adjustment that the photo specialist needs when someone asks a question about their expensive machine...., she's a whole other rant.

Otherwise, the shopping trip was ok. Mom got some cute outfits to keep on hand for when the kids visit, and I got my lip balm

and I got several other little things I've been looking to replace/refill!

For those curious folks, the Lip Balm flavors are; Fanta Strawberry, Fanta Grape, Fanta Orange, Sprite, Coca-Cola Vanilla, Coca-Cola, Barqs Root Beer and Coca-Cola Cherry. My lip balm bowl feels better now that it's fuller!

Also, the cats seem to have decided that they like the bed in the back room better than my bed...

Though it's entirely possible that's cause I tend to toss and turn a lot in my sleep ;D


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