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For the last couple of days I've been having a sort of Sim's marathon. I recently rediscovered the BoolProp cheat, and all the many wonderful things it allows you to do, and I managed not to kill my game while using it this time, woot! So, now that ShineSim and SadlerSim([ profile] vexed_wench) have spawned several of their own biological children, I've been having fun making video clips to amuse those of you out there who don't play the game(but totally should!)

This first video is one that I forgot that I had made. This is one of the many children in one of the many sim family's I have in my neighborhood, shoot me if I know who's it is offhand. The podium is an object that adult sims earn through good job performance in the political job track I believe. This is what happens when the kids get hold of it when the parents bring it home though.

ShineSim dancing. This dance is called the Smustle. It amuses me every time I see it. A sim can dance the Smustle no mater what music is playing, but the station that the radio is tuned to here is the College Radio station. College Radio happens to be the station I tune most of my sims radios to, cause I like it best. Interestingly, they never seem to mind what station the radio is tuned to, but heaven forbid you change their tv channel on them.

And finally, because [ profile] nochick_fics  keeps telling me I need to spam people with more gay stuff, here are ShineSim and SadlerSim (sims based on me and [ profile] vexed_wench ) making out on the couch.

Next time, I plan to show off the store I'm building ;)
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My father is so utterly silly, and yet, it's really a rather clever trick, and fun to play with while you're eating. but still, silly.

My father, if you spend enough time with him, you will find, adores spaghetti. he'd have it every other night of the week, if the rest of us didn't get tired of it from time to time.

looks like your standard bowl of spaghetti, right?

just happens to have hot dogs cut up into it yeah?

pay close attention to the hot dog slice at the bottom right of the bowl that's managed to escape the sauce....

catch on yet?

that's right. he and my niece "stuffed" the hot dog slice's with noodles.

makes it a little hard to do the fork twirl of noodles, but it's fun to spear a hot dog chunk and get a mouth full of noodles with it.
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no, I wasn't really, but when I told several friends I was making my hair pink for Halloween, they made me promise to take a picture of it. it didn't turn out as nice as I hoped it would, but I had fun with it anyway. to get the effect I really want though, I'd have to bleach my hair first, and then dye it the color I'm aiming for... not sure if I'm willing to go that far just for an inside joke between me and one of my cousins.

the antennae were added later, after trick-or-treating, but they're cute, so I left em on.
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I think [ profile] sadler_girl and I would be a dangerous combo to leave to our own devices

it started with a simple little meme-esq gizmo-jig )

so, Becca, if I begged you to get a LJ, it'd be a waste of my breath, wouldn't it?
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*grins* I had far too much fun wrapping my nephews birthday present........

his birthday is mid june, but since they're already up here for our family reunion thing, we throw a little party  for the boy.

the first year we did this, my nephew had been asking for a watermellon, something he and my mother both have a great love for, so my mother went out and bought one, and stuck some candles in it, and called it cake. since then, it's become a tradition to have a watermellon as part of the little celebration we throw for his birthday up here.

now back to the having too much fun wrapping his gift...

as usual my mother got him some clothing, always has, always will. I folded that nicely and laid it in the bag, then went about filling it so full of tissue paper that he couldn't hope to peek inside by pushing aside the paper a bit.

but the part I had went crazy with was the other item. apparently because she got my 4 year old niece and nephew a fisher price "FP3" player she felt that my 12 year old nephew needed an mp3 player of his own.

so she got him an Ipod. a nano.

*laughs evily* I wrapped that little bugger in at least 20 layers of paper, probably more, I lost count. I alternated between wrapping paper and tissue paper and used every varity we had left in our little stock of gift wrapping stuff. even the pink baby tissue paper and the seasame street wrapping paper.

then I buried that (and it had so much paper, it was almost double the size it started out as) at the bottom of the gift bag under the clothing.

*grins* by the time he got down to the last 5 or 6 layers, he was incredibly frusterated and would rip off one layer, growl loudly and rip off the next and repeat. I was kind though and put a very distinct paterened peice of paper on as the first layer, so i could tell him when it was the last layer, I'm not that cruel.

*bounces innocently* my mother says that the relationship my oldest nephew and I have is more like a brother and sister than a nephew and aunt, becuase he and his parents lived with us for so long when he was little, and I watched him alot, much like I watch my niece now....we won't go into the possibility of the same thing happening with her.

lets just leave it at my oldest nephew and I are really good at pushing each others buttons, and yes, so is my niece.


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