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For the last couple of days I've been having a sort of Sim's marathon. I recently rediscovered the BoolProp cheat, and all the many wonderful things it allows you to do, and I managed not to kill my game while using it this time, woot! So, now that ShineSim and SadlerSim([ profile] vexed_wench) have spawned several of their own biological children, I've been having fun making video clips to amuse those of you out there who don't play the game(but totally should!)

This first video is one that I forgot that I had made. This is one of the many children in one of the many sim family's I have in my neighborhood, shoot me if I know who's it is offhand. The podium is an object that adult sims earn through good job performance in the political job track I believe. This is what happens when the kids get hold of it when the parents bring it home though.

ShineSim dancing. This dance is called the Smustle. It amuses me every time I see it. A sim can dance the Smustle no mater what music is playing, but the station that the radio is tuned to here is the College Radio station. College Radio happens to be the station I tune most of my sims radios to, cause I like it best. Interestingly, they never seem to mind what station the radio is tuned to, but heaven forbid you change their tv channel on them.

And finally, because [ profile] nochick_fics  keeps telling me I need to spam people with more gay stuff, here are ShineSim and SadlerSim (sims based on me and [ profile] vexed_wench ) making out on the couch.

Next time, I plan to show off the store I'm building ;)
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I got new glasses! While I wasn't trying to find a pair that were purple, I ended up with a pair that are purple, or at least have purple on them. they're really clear, with this line pattern that's in silver and purple, and then the temples are purple metal.

It's been a long time since I've had plastic frames, but I like it.

if you were wondering, here's what my old glasses looked like.

I need to see about having those frames fixed, so I have a back up pair just in case...

And since the scrap book uploader was being so kind, here's the image I was trying to upload the other night when LJ ticked me off

on the street in front of this sim house that I was working on, there's a maids van that seems to be stuck in the middle of leaving. For whatever reason, I was unable to make it go away, even with all the tricks I know for resetting glitches in the game. I ended up having to rebuild the house on a new lot and bulldoze this one, which while not hard to do is a bit of a pain in the butt.
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I love the Pets expansion pack! I've been having fun breeding puppies lately.

I also love the expansion pack that gives you the bay windows!

and I am very amused that said bay windows make things sitting in it look like they're floating, in the walls down mode...

I'm not entirely sure why the game doesn't just make the bay windows work like the stairs in walls down mode, rather than disappear, but *shrug*.
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No fear of showing affection in public whatsoever. This pair are some of the neighbors who came to visit the sims that moved into a new lot, and they're just happily feeling each other up in the front yard of their new neighbors house ;)

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Why the butler suddenly showed up to work in his bathing suit.

I wasn't gonna ask why his hair spontaneously went from a slicked back do to an Afro.

What I will ask him is where his sanity is when he went out to trim the hedges in his swimsuit and Afro, in the snow?

I just love The Sims, and their random game glitches.
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The other night I was playing sims, and I decided to do what I call clean up. checking to make sure all my sims were where they were supposed to be, checking for any children I hadn't marked on my family tree I keep, that kind of stuff. As I was checking off names, I came to a sim, and his wife, that I could not find, not in the home town or any of the "sub" area that you can send your sims to with the different expansions....they were just gone, poof. they still showed up in the family trees of the guys parents, so I went that route. I ended up having to have the sims mommy call him up, invite him over to her house, and then ask him and his wife to move in there. *head desk*

Thing is, I clearly remember putting said sim through college, graduating him, getting him married, and moving him and his wife into their own house, in fact, his wife was pregnant when I got them to move in with his mother, so dang it, I had to have put him in his own house at some point.....

*shakes head* as you can see, it still boggles my mind as to where in the world the sim went to, but I doubt I'll ever figure it out. I told a friend that his punishment for disappearing was that he had to live with his mommy till she died, so there.


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