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And it's snowing. That's one thing, the other is we have no power at home, so no heat, and lots of branches started dropping, and alot hang over the house, so better safe than sorry, we've come over to my uncles house, where they have power, and don't have as many trees over the house as we do.

And as for the power situation, not likely coming back on tonight, cause one of our trees broke, big.

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Grandmom, grandmom,grandmom.

It's apparently gonna be a day with you being slightly more off your cracker.

The Halloween party my cousin was having got called off. No escape from the crazy old lady.

It's snowing.

Thank goodness it's not snowing heavily enough that dad won't take her to get her hair done.

I know it sounds bad to call Grandmom the crazy old lady, but it vents some of the frustration, and makes me want to smack her less.


Mom has a call into the local Office of Aging, who're gonna call back on Monday to start the wheels turning on getting grandmom into a nursing home. Its not that we wouldn't want to try and keep her here with us, but the stress of this past week keeping her here to make sure the first week of drops gave us the proof that it'd give one of us a stroke.
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but this just screams spring to me, eh?

in other news, my cats have found new and fun ways to torment each other

The "neener, I'm higher than you"

and the classic "I am not touching you"

one of these days, I really do expect one of them to bitch slap the other, I really do.
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Dad called Onion Snow, mom says nah, there'll be one more. *shrug* we'll see.

Mysteriously, it missed this spot over this way....weird.


Jan. 28th, 2011 06:09 pm
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Cause [ profile] vexed_wench  adores snow, and I love taking pictures of it.

This is the largest tree in our yard, and I've always had a thing about this kind of tree. something about the way it always keeps its "leaves" and how it looks in winter.

This is our little cabin-esq swing-set we have for when family comes over. Its just so cute, with it's little snow covered roof and everything.

Just some of the ice forms around the house. You can tell which board was getting dripped on the most while the gate was shut.

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Melting snow!

in a moment of brilliance, I decided that since I was already wearing my fuzzy Croc's, I'd leave them on to carry an extra bag of garbage to the curb. Even though my snow boots are right next to the door. in further brilliance, I chose to walk down the sloping lawn from the side porch, rather than take the long route through the car port, and down the length of the flat and level driveway...

I have a bright shiny penny for anyone who didn't think I'd end up with soggy shoes, and at least one good slip and slide moment.


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