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I offered to upload my files of the Torchwood Radio Plays for [ profile] baroqueangel and thought I'd share here in case anyone else on my FList wanted them.
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Yes there's always been that small part of me that hoped that they'd bring Ianto back. I've always known they wouldn't, but it doesn't mean that little corner of my mind didn't hope.

Today after I finally got around to getting my Audible trial credits sorted, I bought a copy of the Torchwood : The Lost Files set of radio plays. As usual they're good and all, but listening to The House of the Dead, it's been so long since I read reviews on them, that I forgot that one was set after the end of CoE....

I'll try not to spoil it much if you haven't listened to it and wanted to without spoilers, but because I forgot that little tidbit, the end of that...episode I guess you could call it, hit me full force, so now my itchy allergy eyes are sore and puffy from crying, but I'm kinda glad a little that Jack got a bit better closure.

But that little corner of my brain where the small hope that they'd find their loophole to bring Ianto back is screaming at the top of her lungs for the writers to get their asses back here and rewrite it, cause they had their loop hole dammit!

All this on top of seeing that set of the "original" Torchwood I posted about a couple weeks ago has left me feeling a little empty, because now there really is no hope for Torchwood to go back to the way it was.

I knew it all along, but now that the small corner of hope has been crushed its different.
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So, for fun and entertainment, I cruise around Amazon and dream about the things I'll buy when I'm a millionaire. I use Amazon for a pricing gage as well, for when I'm buying and selling on Ebay. Sometimes I just throw a random word into the search box, and have fun seeing what comes up XD

Tonight, I was digging through the results of a search for Towrchwood. I have digital copy's of the first three seasons of the show(despite the horror that is Day 5) as well as most of the radio plays that I found online (OMG, pirated) but I'd like to have a physical disc set of them, not only to be all legit about it, but also because I'd like to avoid having to go hunt them up again should my digital copy's become corrupted, or get erased.

I happened to be digging to figure out if there was a "complete" set of the radio plays, rather than having to buy each one individually. While doing this digging (cause Amazon doesn't have a radio play category) I happened to catch the link for the DVD set for Miracle Day, and out of simply curiosity, I went to read the synopsis to see where they went with the whole plot, since all I had were rumors of what they might do, not what they did do.

And dammit, the synopsis makes me want to go watch it.

So now I feel dirty.


Aug. 23rd, 2011 12:52 pm
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Torchwood Babiez is baaaaack!!!!!!!

Originally posted by [ profile] tw_babiez at Is this thing on?
Has it really almost been another year since my computer died? So shameful.

We have news! First off, in case you don’t follow either [ profile] spastasmagoria


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