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Not that I'm going to do that anytime soon XD. I do find myself cursing it though as I wonder where some of these lots were when I was buying the same item at much higher prices cause they weren't to be found cheaper.

Anywho, cause I can't not share a good steal - literally, if no one continues to bid on them - there's currently 4 brand new, factory sealed sets of the complete series of I Love Lucy going on eBay for $20 or less. 3 of which have starting bids of a penny, with no bids on them yet, and 4 days or less left on them.

So, if you love the show, or know someone who does, go search for I Love Lucy on eBay, it's looking like not much action's on them so they should go cheap (consider that the set goes for $100 - $150 retail).

Like I said, it's too good a deal not to share an FYI
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So, I've navigated having an Ebay account, bidding on things, and paying for them....

I have a PayPal account that I've learned how to work...

I figured out how to sell stuff....

Tonight, I went to write down the peoples addresses, to ship out the ones paid for, and have my dad stop at the post office for me... But I happened to see and figure out their print at home shipping labels, that once paid for and printed, just need stuck to the package and the package put in the mail box (depending on the size of said package of course)

When I found my father to let him know that I would no longer need him to stop at the post office, he was glad to hear that I'd figured out the print your own label option, and after a few minutes, had a slight revelation that, given a supply of shipping materials, he could put me in charge of selling off all their stuff they no longer want on Ebay....

So, the cousin to Murphy's Law. If you show capability at something, they'll want you to do it again.

but hey, if I get a to keep the money, or at least a commission, it's not a bad thing, per se.
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So, as I've shared, I got the Charmed complete series set for Christmas (not that I worship its very assistance in my room, no, not at all)

so, being sensible, I went about selling off my old individual season sets

Amazon, wonderful as they are, only offered about $2-$3 per season..... bastards

So, since I already have an Ebay buying account, I figured lets look into a sellers account. or adding selling, whatever.

The first time I looked into it, I was greeted with a wall of OMFG you want me to what? after that shock wore off I went back, and clicked a whole different link, and poof, easy as pie.

so, now they've sold, and I have to mail them out....

and it's not that I don't get that this would come, it's more of a "do I hafta" feeling I have.

there's also the whole should I go buy envelopes and try to send them media mail, or should I fork over the extra cash for the flat rate envelope....

bah, gotta wait for payment till I can ship em anyway.
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The other night in FapChat, I happened to be searching and complaining about my broken phone cover, and not easily finding one I loved. [ profile] sexkitten426 (also, woot, I spelled her LJ name right the first time!) suggested Ebay, and dang-it if I'm not now hooked on Ebay.

Last night I found a case I liked, it's not one that comes with and extra cords or anything, but eh, I really really love the design on the case, so yay!

I also bought several small things to make up my mothers Christmas gift, as well as a birthday/Christmas gift for a friend (her birthday's 2 days after Christmas, fun)

Now I just have to wait for them to show up, woo!


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