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I have the song stuck in my head, what can I say ;)

My mother came home the other day from her hair appointment and told me that she talked to her hair dresser, and they'd figured out that I needed to put purple streaks/feathers in my hair for AWA.....

Not that I'm against this, and maybe you had to be there to hear my mother tell it, but it was just kinda funny, my mother and her hair dresser conspiring about how it'd be so perfect to put purple in my hair for an anime convention.

I asked mom later if she was paying for this perfect thing, and she laughed.

I suppose these are the things I get for telling my mother that I'd be her hair guinea pig?

Oh, BTW, I've gone down another 8lbs since I was last weighed(sometime late May), so yay.

I got in touch with the peoples I needed to about my medical assistance, and they sent out a copy of the form that my dr has to fill out and send back to them to evaluate whether I have medical needs for having the coverage, so now I just have to get it to my DR to fill out and send in, and then hopefully they'll reinstate my coverage. It'd be nice to finish taking care of the dr visits I need to have done, you know. Like the follow up with the cardiologist, to go over the results of all my tests last month......

I called JanSport to make sure my back pack was covered under their lifetime warranty, because mine's a "Trans : By JanSport" so I wasn't sure, and didn't want to mail my bag out till I knew. Thankfully they cover it, so I sent that off, and hopefully that gets repaired(it's just one corner pocket seam coming undone) and sent back before AWA, as I'd like to take it, but if not I have other bags I can use. My backpack just happens to already have my OC Sailor Moon characters logo on it is all XD.

Now I need to figure out how to change the temp setting on this window AC unit again...or where to point it so I won't totally freeze while I sleep....can't decide which. The house AC unit isn't working. The fan runs, so we're using that to circulate the cool air thats coming from the window units in my room and the kitchen, which are basically opposite ends of the house, but means my room's a bit of an ice box again. Better than the 80 some degrees the house was earlier, before we realized the main house AC wasn't working, and then used both ovens to make lunch, uhg, I thought I was gonna pass out.

I suppose in a way we can be thankful that we weren't able to sell grand-moms window AC unit, since it's 12,000 BTU, and can cool off a large chunk of the house upstairs, compared to the other units we have. Hopefully we're able to find a guy to come out and check the main unit tomorrow, but if not, we have two other units, just that one has a nest in it, and the other is currently installed in the window of dad's shed, and we were too exhausted to try and set either one up today.

Now to rearrange my bookshelves. I got new manga yes, but I've also been claiming random books as we've gone through my grandmothers stuff and cleared things out that I never found a spot for.
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