Aug. 12th, 2012 12:50 am
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Also while we were at my uncles for  the party, we were treated to this trick that his dog has apparently done for ages, she shells her own peanuts to eat them!

its a little hard to make out, there's no zoom on the iPad, but if you crank of the volume you can definitely hear the snap each time she cracks open the shells. I had to turn off the camera though, since the rain hit, that's be what sounds like hail hitting something at the end, its the rain on the tin roof over the porch.
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I've been pestering my mother that she needs more season appropriate wreaths to cover other parts of the year, aside from Christmas and Autumn. I've also been pestering her that she has several wreaths that are abused and beyond salvaging, aside from their wreath bases. Back in the Autumn I got her to go pick out the flowers and whatnot that she'd like for a fall wreath(posted pics back here...), cause the old one was one of the old abused wreaths.

So after much dropping of hints that good old A.C.Moore was having sales(when doesn't A.C.Moore have a sale though, really?) I got Mom to the store to check out their holiday clearance, and as is the nature of the stores, they already had the St Patty's day items out,

They always look better in person, but that's true of most things. )

And now back to FF8!
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We've more or less adopted my brother's dog, cause they can't have pets where they live now.

The one cat is still hissing at her, since we've brought her into the house. Said cat also belongs to my brother, but we've also adopted her, again, cause of the no pets thing. It'll be interesting to see how long she keeps it up.

I don't so much mind the cat hissing at the dog, its something they've gotta work out with each other, but when the cat climbs on top of me and hisses at the dog every time she looks in my direction, then there's words.

Right now, the dog is sleeping at my feet, and the cat is sleeping at the other end of the couch. it'll be interesting to see if when the cat wakes up, if she hisses when she sees the dog... that'll be fun.


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