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but there's some things that just shouldn't be done.

I ordered the first 5 volumes of the new release of the Sailor Moon manga. In order to save some cost on the whole thing, I checked the used section, cause as long as all the pages are there, and there's no huge tears or anything, I'm ok with used books. I liken it to adoption an abandoned child.

I did not consider the idea that someone might have treated their copy like a coloring book before selling it off...

The description made no mention of this, just called the book "clean" with minimal wear...

yes it had minimal wear, but I so would not call this clean.

There's just certain things that are just sacrilege to me to do to a book. this is one of them. I can't stop the person from doing it to their own book, but I can raise heck about it in mine.

Through the whole book!?!

Not to mention they gave all the women bright blue eye shadow...WTH?
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But it's also severely frustrating none the less.

I had my niece and nephew, Piper and Linus for the night cause they have off of school and wanted to spend the night, so why not.

This afternoon they asked to go outside, no big deal. I threw some drinks and snacks, and some things to entertain myself while they ran around into a bag.

Aside from the snacks and drinks, I threw in my planner and my iPod. I also put in my empty bubble tubes and the large bottle I had bought to refill them.....

Apparently, at some point between my putting the refill bottle(a 42 oz bottle of bubbles) in the bag the lid cracked badly. Not enough for the cap to fall off, but enough for a heavy leak.

*sigh* Thankfully my phone was in my pocket, and my iPod was mostly untouched thanks to the case I keep it in, but everything else in the bag was soaked in bubble solution.

I was able to save about a quarter of the bottle of bubbles, but it's frustrating that I lost so much of it when it was brand new.

I was at least able to salvage the parts of the address section of my planner that had addresses on them, but the paper pretty much shredded when I tried to separate them.... and most of the things in the pockets, if they all dry and are readable.

The bag was plastic so it just had to be hosed off, as are the bubble tubes, but I'm afraid I might have to buy a whole new planner and not just a new set of inserts. We'll see, I think that part is going to take the longest to dry.

So like I said, it's a small loss, but frustrating as all get out.
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So, if you've been in the chst room when [ profile] vexed_wench and I are in there together, at least in the last few months, you've probably heard us talking about the game that we play together online We're only mildly obsessed, I swearz XD.

......*sigh* )

Long rant short, I'm frustrated with these people, but not all of them deserve to have it taken out on them.


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