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Its that wonderful time of year, "the holidays".

Don't get me wrong, I love the holidays, I love snow, I love the quality family time that often occurs.

But if only we could skip the stressful parts huh?

Part of this might simply be the ear/head ache I've got going right now doing a lot of the talking, but it would be nice to just skip over the rush to get this and that done and blah blah blah. Those things that in the long run, don't really matter, but seem like they're the end of the world if they don't happen at the time you're doing them.

I turned my FList to the "new" style, and while I'm not entirely sure what I think of it yet, I'm not totally against it so far. I suppose it'll mostly depend on what other "changes for the better: the put into effect, and how many people I follow here on LJ defect in the aftermath.

I logged into my Blogger again to make sure my account was still active, though that's hard to go totally inactive, since its tied to Google now, and how much Google stuff I use everyday XD.

I wish that Blogger had a better way to tie your accounts other journals though, like how you can cross-post between DW and LJ and others so easily. The best I can find is the RSS feed I set up in a box on the one side of my Blogger, which, while it links to my LJ, the feed is so very far behind(usually by at least a week).

I need to check out dream width and see if the account I had there is still active or if it's been deleted. I should set up the cross-posting deal...if I can, but to keep it from going inactive or getting deleted, just in case.

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I find it very interesting that once the package was dropped in the UPS drop box (one of the downsides of not driving - can't drive myself to the drop box as soon as I process the return shipping label.) the package took only 2 days to get there...

This interests me, since I upgraded to Amazon Prime 2 day shipping, but didn't get the package till almost a full week later.

Funny how that works sometimes....

There's also the whole, it shipped to me from Indianan, but they sent it back to Kentucky thing....

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So, if you've been in the chst room when [ profile] vexed_wench and I are in there together, at least in the last few months, you've probably heard us talking about the game that we play together online We're only mildly obsessed, I swearz XD.

......*sigh* )

Long rant short, I'm frustrated with these people, but not all of them deserve to have it taken out on them.


Dec. 29th, 2010 01:03 am
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I'm trying to be upbeat, I really am, but it's hard to do.

I'd really rather be curled up in bed, but I've still got that list of things to take care of before new years.

We found out Sunday evening that one of my great aunts passed away, and that the funeral will be this Thursday....while I know the woman, I can't really say I recall spending much time in her company, outside family gatherings, and while at those, I was either off with my brothers and cousin's, or as I got older, chasing after one of my niece's or nephews. *sigh* it'd be good of me to go, sure, but I'd really rather beg off, finish some more of the things around the house that I can handle, and recoup more, since this ear infection seems to want to try and spread to other parts of my body.

Next year, I'm so telling mom she should carry out her threat to give every one gift cards, they're easier to shop for, and easier to wrap.


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