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One of my many cousin's hosts a Halloween party each year. My camera broke as I was snapping photos, so I only have a few from the actual party, but dad took some with moms camera before we left the house.

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After the party we went to go see Hotel Transylvania, my brother and his wife were awesome and bought my ticket! The movie was a blast, and we all laughed our butts off, it is well worth the trip.

My parents went to see Cloud Atlas on Friday night, and said though its well written and acted, it's better to wait till its out on dvd, so you can watch it several times without the theater prices, cause it's one of those hard to get the whole point the first viewing.

We're entering out yearly debate of what movie to go see at Thanksgiving. We try to go to one every year, and sometimes we just don't get there. This years current contenders are Wreck it Ralph and Rise of the Guardians. We'll see which one wins out, or if something else makes a surprise vote in at the last minute XD.

And now, I think I'll make sure the kiddies spending the night are out and head to bed myself. I think after yesterdays eventful and overly early morning my body's trying to catch up.
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cause we can all use a giggle now and then.

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no, I wasn't really, but when I told several friends I was making my hair pink for Halloween, they made me promise to take a picture of it. it didn't turn out as nice as I hoped it would, but I had fun with it anyway. to get the effect I really want though, I'd have to bleach my hair first, and then dye it the color I'm aiming for... not sure if I'm willing to go that far just for an inside joke between me and one of my cousins.

the antennae were added later, after trick-or-treating, but they're cute, so I left em on.


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