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Thanksgiving was, as always, interesting.

The guy's redid my eldests nephews bedroom, put up drywall, fixed holes, put in new carpet and painted it up nice. The end result looked like a hotel room, though I'm sure once my nephew finishes putting all his stuff back in the room, and if he acctually does do art on the walls like he wants to, it'll lose that effect.

We went shopping on Black Friday. We also went out a bit on Thursday night, despite mom's ranting, simply because the stores put so many of the deals that my sister in laws needed, that you had to go out to get them. There was much ranting to be had, all around. While I don't share my aunts feelings of boycotting the stores that open on Thanksgiving day(as in, will not shop in at all, no matter time of year) I do agree that stores don't need to open on the day, but thats a rant for a different time.

I got 4 of my 5 neices and nephews their gift. I'd have gotten all 5, but I found out after I got the last one, he's already gotten at least 3 different gifts of the same item, just in different colors *facepalm* (though it'd have been nice of his mother to not have been a crank pot and been in the store so I couldn've checked with her before I bought it <.<)

I got myself a new pair of holiday earrings. I'm sure [ profile] nochick_fics is going to make comments on my not needing any more, and trust me, I tell myself that repeatedly, but it only works so long. These were worth it though.


Now I just need to figure out what I'm gonna get my eldest nephew(and return the thing I already got) and get all the materials together for the things I'm making for my brothers and their wives (we decided to do home-made things between sibs because it was "easier" but I'm not so sure about that....)

I had a head cold before we left for NC that was moving into my chest, and rather than suffer through coughing up a lung every night like last year, only to end up needing to have an antibiotic when I got home anyway, I called my Dr's annswering service and the Dr on call(cause it was a saturday) called in a prescripion, and we picked it up. I took it of course, and it wiped out that infection that was brewing.

Unfortunatly, now my body's trying to catch something else, though this one seems to be holding at excess nasal production and an off/on sore throat.....

I finally tried out the neti pot thats been sitting in our bathroom closet for about a year XD Every time I'd remember we had one, and would pull it out to use it, I would be called away to do something, and forget it for a bit, and mom would in the meantime stick it back up in the top shelf, out of everyday sight. I'm still not entirely sure what I think of the process, but that mostly comes down to I'm not sure if I'm pouring too fast or too slow. I do know that it has helped alot with the....whatever's trying to brew in my sinus/throat area now.

Thats all I can think of at the moment. I've thought about trying to do some of the Meme's going around, but haven't been able to work up the energy to do so, sorry.

I'm really not sure what I think of the new LJ posting set up here either...


Nov. 22nd, 2012 01:40 am
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What is a person to do, when they normally sleep with the tv on, , but is currently sharing a room (my brothers living room to be exact, for the holiday) with one of my brothers his wife, and one of my nephews...who all prefer it off? at at least one of them is sawing wood loudly.

would it be wrong of me to stuff tissues up their noses?

If you hear a loud yelp and a bit of muttering, that'll be me rummaging around in the dim light trying to find my headphones so I can play something via Netflix, if only to drown out the wood works in the room ;) 
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I had fun, my family keeps getting bigger, which I suppose is a good thing.

My eldest brother and his wife and kids came up to see us the day after Christmas, and stayed for a week. at thanksgiving, because I let him and his family use my room, every time he and I were in the room at the same time, he'd thank me for letting him use my room, the bed was comfy, but the room was awfully purple. so this time, a few days before they were to come up to visit, I went through and gathered every purple thing I could and put it in my room. pity is I didn't take a picture like I wanted, but it was fun. they got her on Friday night, and it took him till Sunday night to notice. I'd say I'd take it another step and paint my walls purple and get purple carpet but, as much as I like the color, I don't like it that much. and the fabric that I draped everywhere, which was how I got the majority of my room turned purple, that kind of thing annoys me, it only passes in my closet as a way to hide my storage area in the side I leave open most the time. It was fun, the whole barrage of "paint your room green" has gone up, but it was fun, and worth it.

if people beg me enough I'll set the fabric back up and take a pic, but you gotta beg.

as for my growing family, I have one cousin who's due any day now, her due date was the 27th of December, and as of right now, we've not gotten a call saying she had the baby yet. and we'd better or I'll poke my cousin-in-law, cause he knows I need to know, I've got a bib to put a name on.

another cousin, she announced on Christmas Eve that she was pregnant, this will be their second. I swear, theses people don't want to give me a chance to work on my own cross-stitch projects, they keep having babies and getting married.

I did manage to get one thing made, two actually, but I can't say what they are, cause one person hasn't opened theirs yet, yes Becca, that'd be you, Stella got the other one. its not a cross-stitch though, but it is a crafty thing. I'm having a real slacking on the picturing of my crafts...when you open it Becca take a pic for me will you.

anyway, that's all I can think of that's new, I've got loot shots, cause its just something that seems to have become a tradition, not sure how, but its fun.

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