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So, my sister in law Liz has RA, has had the fuller blown symptoms of it since around the time she had her son, almost 5 years (interestingly, her symptoms virtually disappeared while she was pregnant with him, go figure)

This past Wednesday she was "on" The Doctors. The clip they play of her "story" is about half way through. 

Naturally, we, who've been around her while she's been dealing with this know there's so much more to the story(like the reason why they actually used her as the person for the clip in the show) Its still really cool when you know someone who was on tv XD.


Jan. 30th, 2013 02:46 am
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I am tired and abused.

Today my niece had one of her check up appointments for her RA, since mom was off work she went with, and I went over to my brothers house to watch their son. I got to see the kitten they adopted from that litter of 3 we found back in the fall, he's much the same as he was the last time I saw him, just bigger ;D

I started off my afternoon however, by falling down in the mud right when we got to my brother house *face palm*

It happened like it often does, going down a slope in one of their neighbors yards(the front yards on the whole street slope though) to grab the rest of my stuff, and bloop, on the ground and covered in mud am I.

So, my brother and his wife happen to have one of those nice spiffy front load, multi-function options kinda washers(so do we, but theirs is several years newer than ours{and a different brand}), so I was able to wash my coat while there, so I'd be able to wear the coat home, yay! 

The downside, their washer/dryer is in their basement, which has a very narrow and steep set of stairs. Both of the bathrooms are also on the second floor, which has stairs much the same as the basement steps. Not fun, but it works.

Somewhere around 7(for frame of time, we got to his house that afternoon around 1), me, my brother and his son left the house to meet mom, my sister in law and niece for dinner.  All afternoon, all through dinner, and all the way home, and carrying things in from the car, taking out the trash, I was fine. my leg had itched a big like it'd had rug burn, but it probably did, sliding down the yard like I did.

Quite suddenly, as I sat down in a kitchen chair while talking with mom, my whole right side twinged and now that whole side is sore. 

Apparently I went down a lot harder than I thought I did. I know it's the fall, since A) it happened but B) I know I landed more on my right side, cause that's the side of my coat that was covered in mud, and the side where my shirt and pants were soaked through at.

Mom says I just didn't notice the soreness, I cal it a delayed reaction. Whichever it is, it bites, and I'd be asleep already, if mom hadn't suckered me into watching NCIS tonight, which only brought me to watch my DVR'd shows while i was there and happened to have the remote in hand...sneaky woman XD

Enough whining, my humidifier(vaporizer) needs refilled and I really should get some sleep, lists to make, plotting to be done, C'set la vie!('m prolly screwing the spelling on that;))
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Granted I don't know how every person watching HGTV right now might've reacted, but I'm dancing in my seat over it.

House Hunters has in the last year or so started having same sex couples on the show, without trying to pretend that they're just room-mates. The episode thats currently airing is a couple of guys, who've been together for about 8 years, and they're buying a house together, cause they're getting married soon and want to have their new house settled before then.

They said it, and the network didn't break from the shock.

In other news, in a discussion with my father the other night, he said he believes you're born the way you are, and the world just needs to learn to accept it. What he really thinks is that everyone's a bit Bi, and you just like one more than the other. Given that my father once told me I could bring anyone home but a black boy(back before I realized I was Bi, and it was assumed I'd only bring home boys) I don't think I ever really expected to hear that from him.
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This afternoon, after my mother had my sister in law and I rolling with laughter at some of her work adventures, she declared that she wanted to write a book. She never really clarified what kind of book, but given the story's she tells sometimes, it'd most likely turn into a comedy if she did actually write one.

Later on, Puddums come out of the hole she was hiding from the kids in and climbed up on my lap, as she often does if I'm in a reclined position, she's a lap hound of a cat after all. As I sat there petting her, I noticed that she had something stuck to her chest that looked kinda like a foil sticker, but was too stuck for me to just grab and pull off.

So once I got up and got dad to hold her and I could use both hands to get it off, I discovered that it was actually the cover to a little packet of jelly that she had to have laid on long enough to get it stuck on there like it was.....

Now I know we have scads of those little jelly cups around, that's basically how we get our jelly anymore, since we use it so rarely. I also know that from time to time, the kids take one and eat the jelly out of it, they're supposed to ask first, but you know, they're kids.

And its cause they're kids that I know that's how the trash from one ended up in a spot where the cat would lay on it, but *head desk* just when you think you have them trained to put their trash in the trash can, they prove you wrong.

Anyhow, once we got the thing off of Puddums fur and let her go so she could clean herself I happened to walk through the dining room where she'd gone to sulk about the whole thing, and before I ever actually got into the dining room, she bolted off to the other end of the house with a look of fear, that I might be coming back to pin her down again for something else XD.

What made me laugh even harder is if I'd sat down long enough right after that, she'd have likely come right back out and sat on my lap again shortly after. sometimes I think she has short term memory loss, I really do.
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It's probably been longer, spread out over the last year and a half or so, since mom's been having someone in to clean grand-moms trailer and trying to thin out the stuff that grand-mom has.

After Grand-mom fell back in November and ended up in the hospital and then the rehab/nursing home, we(mostly mom) have been dealing with the miles and miles of red tape and scrounging through grand-moms paperwork to get them the information they require to do sometimes the simplest of things...

So naturally, the majority of the contents of grand-moms trailer sat untouched until the last couple of weeks when mom told the lady who owns the trailer park where it's parked that grand-mom couldn't afford the rent on it, and mom would not pay it. Long story short, we spent last week speed packing a trailer. At one point mom laughed and said she pitied me and my brothers, when my parents are gone and we have to clear out their place when comparing the size of grand-moms trailer (16' x 48') to our house (2'000+ sq'). I told her that at least when that happens, my brothers are more likely to be interested in keeping some of the things in your house, unlike your brother seems with his mothers.

Last weekend was spent mostly over at my grandmothers trailer packing up things and cleaning up the place. We left it smelling a lot less like an old ladies house which, while the old lady smell isn't a bad thing, its not what someone wants to smell coming into a house they might buy. Hopefully the lady who owns the lot that was going to buy the place will give mom more than her original offer, since now they don't have to clear anything out before they either fix it up or sell it to the next person, which, who knows, we'll see.

Now the fun is in sorting through all the stuff we quickly packed up, cleaning what needs cleaned and trying to figure out what who wants to keep and what needs sold on to help pay off things that need paid off and such.

We've found some interesting things, so far mostly papers, since those are the things we've had to locate for information needed. I found a report card of my grandmothers from 1929 when she was in the 4th grade, and also one that was my mothers brothers report card from some year in high school. We found the marriage certificate of my grandmothers parents from 1906, which is now over 100 years old as well as the certificate for my grandfathers confirmation from the early 1930's not to mention all the photos that we're still finding tucked in random places.

Needless to say, we're going to be busy for the next month or so, going through all these things and trying to get things sent on their way, wherever their way might be.
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The guard mentioned in this article is one of my cousins. Its cool that he's good at what he does, and he's enjoying it, and seems happy with the way things are going.

But I can't help but giggle at the cheesy photo they used, but yet it's so him.

Hospital guard foils suspected sneaker thief's getaway

I'm sure there will be much talk of this event and the resulting article at the party tomorrow.
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I had to get blood-work done today, since it's about the only day this week I'll be able so the results are back before my appointment next Monday. This combined with not sleeping well last night, and it being fasting blood-work, getting up late and having to wait till I was showered, dressed and chased mom to get dressed, I didn't eat until almost 2pm, can you blame me for dozing off while waiting for dinner to be done?

Anyway, that's not who doesn't care. the people who's name is on the group I ordered the volume 1 of Sailor moon from, they're the one's who don't care. I sent a wordy-ier message to them through the feedback thingy on Amazon, stating How I've already returned the book and Amazon refunded me my money. I explained how I just wanted to bring to their attention that this happened, and how they might need to tighten their quality control.

Their response? "this item was "fulfilled by amazon" so you have to go talk to them"

So basically they told me to kiss off, just in a polite kind of way.

"Sorry for the inconvenience" )

So, once I wake up some more, I'll be talking to Amazon, cause apparently I have to take up that groups quality control with them.....?
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Not badly, but it stings just the same. About 2 seconds before I burned my hand on the oven door, I thought to myself "I should open the oven door wider".....yeppers.

Mom went to pick her mother up at the nursing home to take her in to get her new glasses fitted and to make sure that the prescriptions good and all that. The new glasses combined with her cataract surgeries have brought back her sight to where it used to be, if not better, so maybe she'll want to start reading again, and might get back some more of her old spunk.

Mom ranted at the nursing home people a lot today. She called last night and asked them to have her ready to leave sometime between 9:30 and 10 this morning and while grandmom was technically "ready" to go, her hair was a mess and none of her clothing matched at all. We're not expecting salon fresh and perfect pampering, but a little effort to make sure she looks nice would be nice.

Sometime between the last time mom stopped in to see grandmom and today, some one knocked over the vase of flowers I made for her room, which shattered the vase inside the decorative plastic wrap and left everything all flopped over, and didn't report it. It's not that we care overly much about the vase, it was buried in grandmoms shed before now. The flowers and the decorative stones were easily separated from the broken vase pieces to be used again. But for a place that has now banned pushpins/thumbtacks because they're afraid the residents might think they're candy and swallow them, you would think that they'd want any possible source of broken glass cleared out as well.

I told mom as I was poking around for another vase that maybe I should leave the new one unwrapped, so they couldn't get away with just picking it up and putting it back and pretending nothing was wrong with it. Then they'd be forced to clean it up and actually report it. Slackers.
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I made this short video about something I'm working on, and I set it to upload while I was in the shower so I could post it quick once I was clean and dry again....

and it's still uploading now, an hour later and its only at 12%, and I really really need to get some sleep, so, hopefully it'll finish uploading by the time I get up at 9 and I can post it then.

stupid internet connection.
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My ENT is pretty cool, for an being as old as he appears, which I'm glad for, cause some older Dr's get uppity about things being their way. Anyway.

While I knew there's be something to discover about why the heck I'm having these ear problems that brought me to see the ENT, I don't think I expected more than a "nothing seems swollen or out of place, try ____ and see if it helps"

I have a deviated septum. I laughed when I told mom that, and she stared at me for a minute and then said "there it is, I see it". The fun of having a mother who's an RN

I left with a sample nasal spray, and orders for an allergy test, a CAT scan, and a more in depth hearing check, I assume more in depth, since I had a hearing check while I was there.

I'm also a candidate for hearing aids...yay.

I'm not really worried or upset about any of this, just weary at the thought of having to deal with my insurance people in making sure all this is covered, cause while this is not necessarily an urgent medical problem, it's be really nice if my ears didn't spontaneously pop while sitting in my house reading a book, let alone possibly improving my allergy/sinus situation.

I think I'll deal with the insurance people in the morning, I'm tired and have dinner to cook.
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I have a nutritionist/dietitian person to help me work on losing weight, and I have my regular PCP.

It happened these last couple weeks that I had an appointment with my nutritionist/dietitian person one Monday, my PCP the next, and when I asked my PCP for a referral to an ENT, I managed to get an appointment for this Monday. For some reason, this amuses me.

On another note, I told the receptionist when I was checking out of my PCP's office last week that late morning/early afternoon works best for me.....

Since when is anything before 9 AM late morning?

Now I should really scoot off to bed, if I'm gonna get a decent amount of sleep.


Mar. 1st, 2012 04:08 am
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I've felt a bit like crap the last couple days, but I suppose that thankfully at the moment, it's all in my head area, and hasn't moved into my chest, if that's something to be thankful about.

Earlier, somewhere around 9 last night, I went to bed because of said feeling like crap, and I felt like I'd sleep till my alarm went off at 6 am. I should not have been surprised that I woke up at 1 am and couldn't just roll over and go back to sleep. Since I was up, I decided to check out an auction I was watching on Ebay, and see where the price was at. Unfortunately, the other person watching the item was still awake, and was able to keep outbidding me till we reached my price limit for the item. I do however take a certain glee in the fact that I rose the price for that other person so much, so I'm OK that I lost the auction. The fact that I found a couple other similar auctions for the same type of item doesn't hurt that either.

I've been a busy crafty bee the last couple of days, and I had tried to upload photos, but LJ or my computer I'm not sure which, glitched somewhere, and the photo's didn't upload. Maybe I'll try again once I've been able to get a little more sleep.

When the new year came around, somewhere in the back of my head I knew that it was a leap year, and that there would be 29 days in February this year. When February rolled around, again, I knew in the back of my head that it was a leap year, and would have 29 days....

Having this in the back of my head all that time still doesn't mean that it computed when I was flipping through the calendar, and was looking for what day of the week my birthday was this year, to find it on a Friday, the same day as my younger brothers, who's is the 24th of February. Usually my birthday is the day of the week before his, since our birthdays are 13 days apart.....

You know, till a leap year rolls around XD.

And despite knowing all along in the back of my head that this year was a leap year, it still took my brain several minutes to click that into why our birthdays were falling on the same day of the week this year.

But this means that I have a shot of getting a celebration on my actual birthday, and not several days before/after. Not that I mind it, but it just feels more special when the celebration is on your actual birthday.
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So, as I said in my previous post, one of my great aunts passed away this weekend, and today was the funeral..well, technically yesterday as I'm writing this, but whatever.

The area that this aunt lived and is now buried happens to be in the same area where another one of my great aunts lives. while they were there for the funeral, my dad, and his siblings that were able to go to the funeral stopped in to visit this other aunt.

What amuses me to no end, is that my father's oldest sister sent me an e-mail to explain that my dad and her and their siblings, all took a picture with this aunt, and she'd like to have a copy of it. She also said that she'd told my father this, and that he said he would have me send it - because he's apparently invalid when it comes to e-mail... - and my aunt was sending me this note, just in case my father had not shared this information with me.

Safe to say my aunt knows my dad well, because he has in fact not said one word about her wanting the picture. who knows when I'll be able to get hold of the picture to mail it to her, but at least I can let her know I'll do it as soon as I can. I'm sure that she'll remind me at the party tomorrow night.

Now to crash and hope to wake up before noon...don'tcha just luuuuve colds and their evil sleep inducing powers?
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As I sit here playing cards on my computer, I am blessed with the privilege to hear the debate between my mother and her mother on how one of the pills she's prescribed does or does not affect her water output, to put it nicely...

While I comfort myself that I can play the "its not my mother" card in that department, it makes me wonder what my own mother will be arguing with me years from now. It's rather hard to imagine my mother at 90, but given that her mother is there now, its very likely to happen. Unlike my grandmother, my mother has her full hearing and can understand the doctor when he's explaining what he's prescribing and why. My mother also has the fact that she's an RN going for her in that area.

Knowing the way Murphy's law goes, my mother will find something that no matter how often my brothers of I might tell her its not, it is to her.

At least we can content ourselves that she'll be more agreeable over her medical care at that age than her mother.
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As I approach the end of my current semester of classes I wonder what it is I'm going to do with myself. As with any student close to graduation, as I am, this is something that most anyone who knows is asking me.

While this can become annoying, as any question asked many times over will, it is something that needs to be answered.

This past Thursday during my break between afternoon and evening classes, my friend Val and I were given to the partial life story of a schoolmate we barely know.

I say partial because although we found out that he was adopted, about his adventures in China and the event that made his mother kick him out, the conversation was mostly about his plans on what he'd like to do with his education. If your interested, he wants to own a record company that keeps its artists clean, write books, and at least dabble in culinary arts. The record company is the main one he's aiming for though.

It's not that I don't know what I'd like to do with my education, its more knowing how to go about it. Having the dream and making it come true are two separate things.

I would love nothing more than to own my own book store. The designs and themes of this book store continually change in my mind with each new book that I read. I myself have a very active imagination, and thoroughly enjoy the worlds that the books I read take me into. I also happen to greatly feel that this active imagination and love of reading should be passed on to future generations. Much like many people campaign that children are spending too much time watching television and playing video games, I campaign that those same things drain imagination. Yes, imagination can be fed by these things, they give the brain more mental images to work with, but they also put children in a mindset of instant gratification.

That rant aside, basically what I would like to accomplish with the bookstore of my dreams is to pass the love of reading on to future generations. I also hope that I'd be able to encourage older generations that look at reading as a chore to see it as something that could become enjoyable.

I recently shared this dream with the members of my Biology class, because the teacher asked us to share what we'd like to do with our lives. When I shared this dream, I was given a very strong positive response. From one person being very tired of the "reign" of "big boss" book stores like Barnes & Nobles and Borders, to several being very excited at the idea of a small "mom and pop" type of book store.

Despite this positive response, I still doubt if I would be able to bring about such a thing as a small bookstore to life and have it thrive in the world of Barnes & Nobles, Borders, and Besides the worry of how to accomplish a thriving shop in the face of such big names in books, there's also the worry of how to go about making even the beginning of such a thing happen, successful or not.

Well, enough worrying for one day. If I keep holding this post off to finish all the thoughts I have running around in my head about it, I'll never post anything.


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