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I know I just put up a new layout but I couldn't resist. I can never resist.

This is me and two of my closest friends, doing something I have no doubt we'd do if we didn't all live in separate states.

This was drawn by the same person who's drawn most of the art I use for my layouts and self icons. She draws me so thin & sexy ;)

The original work is here -->

Her main site is here -->

Her DA is here -->

She's a great artist, you should check out her other work.

By the way, she would be the one with the bunny ears. Our other friend draws as well, if you'd like to check out her work.

I'm totally not biased at all when I say that they're some of the best artists I know!
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Luv it!

Art was drawn by

and colored and edited by me.

I need new art to work with, wink wink, nudge nudge. ;)

gotta print out that Aiji pic and color it, but that won't be till my hand recovers and I can use a pencil properly again.
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The drawing to the far left in this header was given to me this Christmas by my best friend. you can find the full image, as well as some of her other work over on her Devart page --> <-- all three drawings used in this header are actually draw by her, but the one on the left sparked the idea for this new header, s'why I point it out...anyway, I need sleep, so, basic whats what here.

The lady to the far left is the Princess form of my sailor senshi, the middle one is her civilian form, and the far right is obviously, her sailor form. we had a team, the beginnings of a story and a site to show them off, but geocities stink, and closed their free servers, so sadly it is no more. Fun times! I'm going to bed now.


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