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so, apparently my one year old niece Stella is a technology wizard. I say this because this afternoon, as I was holding her in my lap and chatting with some friends, she casually reached out and batted at my keyboard. this made several programs I didn't know I even had pop up on my screen, and did things to some of the ones I was working in.

then after I'd closed all the things I wasn't using, she batted the keys again, this time, by hitting all of 2 keys that should have had nothing to do with it, she made my computer shut down completely.

while my computer was shutting down, I walked Stella out to her parents in the kitchen and told them what she'd done, cause it was just silly. I found out that not only has she done similar to their computers (which I knew) but she also managed to make the one tv split the screen into 6 different sections with each section on a different channel, something we didn't even know the television did. again, by hitting random buttons.

so yeah, next time my computer decides to screw up, I'm gonna pull Stella onto my lap and ask her to smack the keyboard and see if that doesn't fix it. its worth a shot.
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Stella, my youngest niece is now a whole year old. actually it was yesterday, but I have a lag on getting hold of photos.


I had inspiration for this Friday night, part of why I went to bed so late that night. there's photos from through out her entire first year. I also did it cause Stella has started loving holding photos, so I figured she could have some of her own. I didn't realize I had so many till I went to print them out, but *shrug* I was trying to cover a whole year, and to have photos of her with as many of our family members as possible.

Stella's fave stuffed animal, Mr. Minkey. also in large part responsible for the Curious George theme.

we realized as we gave her the cake that maybe we should have waited to give her her bath after the cake...but oh well, we just gave her another quick one after she finished makeing the royal mess.

and because these pics were still in the camera when we had the party, here's Piper in her taekwondo uniform. there's talk that if she likes it enough she may switch from dance to that...we'll see.

you know the drill Becca, follow one of them to see the rest. and I'll see about that print of the family photo.
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I was told this in a sense of "posting something the person who was pointing this out hasn't already heard about" cause said person had already heard about my sims thing, in my last post...anyway

on with the new stuff... )


Jun. 24th, 2007 12:03 am
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I become an auntie again, I've been meaning to post some of the pictures we took when we went to visit my niece, but I keep forgetting. Photos )


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