Jun. 20th, 2013

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Part of the fun I have being a member of several yard sale/classifieds groups on FB is the people watching, just done more covertly XD.

I get where she's coming from, but her reason given could have used more thought, like saying she needs to conserve gas, or something else......

Considering that the lady wanting to meet her at the Berkshire Mall is coming from somewhere in the Wernersvill/Mohton area, to use the mall as a midway point, no matter where they meet, they'll both be in car's, not carrying the box the whole way....

But it would be rude of me to actually comment and point this out, but I can still think it...

That aside, I wouldn't mind this box of books myself, or at least to pick through it, and see if there's any I don't have and can fill in my collection with, but if the lady doesn't wanna meet at the mall, I'd have a hard time getting a ride somewhere she did want to meet, since the mall is mom's cut off point for meeting people to buy/sell.

I'm gonna watch this post, just to see where the "better" meet location is, and how far it actually is from the mall. I will laugh if it's down the street from it, I will.


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