Aug. 29th, 2013

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I've more or less fallen out of Fic reading for a while. Nothing new the struck my fancy, or it'd already been done before. I also came into alot of physical books that occupied my attention..

I'm still not too heavy reading fic, but I still keep track of the chapter fics I was following before I fell out.

So this is how I came across this cross-over fic between Torchwood and NCIS.

The two crossing over is plausible, they're bother 'arms of the law' if you will, and I enjoy both, though I've never really tried NCIS fic. I've also never been a huge fan of cross-overs, but if the summary/first part can catch my interest I'm always willing to give a story a shot.

This fic is still ongoing. It's only 21/?? in and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

The turn of event that I'm not sure of right now is the fact that it seems to be running to pair Tim McGee with Gibbs. my brain still isn't entirely sure how it feels about that.

That said, this excerpt still has me rolling with laughter... )

If you'd like to check the fic out for yourself you can find it here. Legends. The author of it also writes alot of other good Torchwood fic, one in particular that I've been following Queen's Magicians AU Though you might have better luck with her Dreamwidth


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