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We went to a party to celebrate some of my cousins' birthdays and wish one luck going off to college next weekend. Basically we all hung out at my uncles house and happened to have cake that we sang happy birthday around to his two daughters XD

My cousin, the one that's off to college next weekend, she's into cooking, though mostly baking and she made the cake for the party...
You can't tell she likes Dr. Who, can you...? )
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As I said on Saturday in the chat, I made soup. I really should learn how to make smaller pots of soup, but I always figure since I make it how I like it, and I like soup so much, it works out.

I actually just put the whole pot in the fridge last night, since there was so much left in it. I heated it back up for dinner tonight, and added in some pre-done meatballs I had to give it some more meat.

This is what I mean about I only know how to make big pots of soup. I already had a 2 or 3 bowls, filled that bowl to put away, and had to get another bowl to finish emptying the pot so I could wash it. Lucky I like it, unlike moms big posts of chillu or pork&saurkraut that sit uneaten as leftovers....

Tonight I felt like cake.

You don't suppose I like chocolate much, do'ya?

I glazed it with a bottled glaze, cause I just wanted cake, not fancy schmancy XD.

And now I take my cake and go to enjoy it in all its chocolatey glory!

Oh wait, I already did that ;D

The Cake

Jun. 25th, 2012 07:52 pm
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I've been slack on posting photo's from our party here, but I posted them on FB, so you can check em out there if you have me friended there. I do need to post a pic of the cake I made with the car from this post which I said I would.

It'd have been nice to have plastic trees that were more to scale, but the fresh twigs worked for the effect XD.
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Monkey Cake.

one "serving" is worth about 5 cups of coffee..., yet it leads to a far faster and heavier crash than said 5 cups of coffee.

side effects include teeth that feel like they each have a little fur coat.

your chest aches from all the butter in it.

an inability to close your eyes for more than 2 seconds.

those jitters you get after too much coffee, just that one serving.....

and despite all this, I'm tempted to go have more.

I think I'll try and go de-fur my teeth though, mint kills food appeal long enough to have it cool off and not seem as appetizing, Monkey Cake is best right out of the oven.


For those curious what Monkey Cake is, here's a picture of the remnants of today's.

little balls of dough, rolled in butter and sugar, and backed in a pan.


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