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Two Sunday's ago, I found this random group of what looked like bug bites, but was weird, cause of how many were clustered together, and for the time of year it is. Also, as the week went on, they acted nothing like bug bites. I called my dr this monday and got an appointment to check them out and find out what was going on.

It turns out I have Shingles.....

A very mild case, but Shingles....

Well, damn.

and here we were figuring they were probably just spider bites, and that's why they were acting so weird.

I kind of wish I'd gotten an appointment sooner, so I'd have known, and could've avoided holding the baby  till the contagious phase was over, but what's done is done. At least now I know, and that explains some of the other off things I've had going on this week and last.

In other (possibly)semi TMI newws... )

On the positive side, I've gone down almost 13lbs since my last visit just before leaving for AWA! I was 413 I'm now 401!

It was funny, I saw the GYN yesterday, and they checked all my vitals, and my weight was 402.9lbs, and my height was 5'10.5"

Today at my PCP, they checked them, and I was 401lbs, and my height was 5'9.5"....

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And she actually slept last night.

Our conversation just now went something like this :

Mom : (holds up Post-It pad) What's this on here?

Me : (after clarification of what was written on said pad) oh, that's the hotel cost break down.

Mom : Hotel?

Me : For September. (explains breakdown again)

Mom : Oh! so it's $131 a night?

Me : .....No? (explains breakdown of hotel cost.....again)

Mom : Oh, so $131 for the whole stay, got it. (based on the before tax price, assuming it's only 3 people splitting the room)

She says she's got it, but I see myself re-explaining the brake down in the future, I really do.
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So, know how I said I had to go up to the main hospital for my sleep study?

The paperwork they sent out tells you to go in the D lobby entrance, down a couple halls and down an elevator....when the sleep study rooms are right inside the E lobby entrance...and both could easily be kept open, but apparently E lobby is not....weirdo's.

the tech who attached all the sensors on me was fascinated by my hair, really she was. as she was placing the sensors around the hairline area of my face, she complimented me on how soft my hair was. Shortly after this, another nurse/tech came to the door of the room and asked my tech about something, and while she was answering the questions  the tech started playing with my hair. I didn't fully realize this until she told the other nurse/tech to come see how soft my hair was. While they were admiring it, one asked if it was hard to curl, and when I said it was natural, they oooed and aah'd some more, and then my tech told me that I had to let it grow out, and when it did, I had to come back and let her play with it........yeeeah.

This led to talk about how so many of the people who come in for sleep studies don't seem to get the fact they're gonna be covered in sensors, and the cleaner your hair and body are, the better they'll attach(and stay attached while you sleep)

I'll find out once the results get sent to my doctor and he has time to go over them.

Though the tech said I "slept enough for what they need" I still took a long long nap from around noon till about no wonder it's almost 4 am and I'm still up, though, some of that might be just cause I've not lied down yet, so I'm gonna go do that. in my bed, that I can lay how I want, with whatever pillows I want!
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I was talking to a friend, and as we were talking, she managed to trick me into joining tumblr, without even trying...

Apparently I had a brain fart? )

For those interested, I can be found here on tumblr. I haven't decided if/what I'll do with it, but I figured since I have it, I can at least use it to bookmark all the tumblrs I had bookmarked in my faves.

This evening, as I was carting trash and recyclables to the curb, I managed to cut my leg on something in one of the bags of recyclables. There was much bleeding, enough that while I was still carting bags, I thought one of them had leaked and run down my did not.

End result? my shoe's are in the wash (only one needed washed, but why only do one just cause it needs it more than the other?) and there's bandages on the front and back/side of my left leg. The back is mostly just scratches, but mom figured better safe than sorry and covered those too.

I managed to kill the "ambiance" my parents had going at the Panera too, when I called to find out how long they'd be till they got home.

Just how we all pictured our Tuesday evening, right?
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I "went to bed" several hours ago, but it didn't exactly work, so we'll take some Ibuprophen, eat some nibbles, and see if I can't fall asleep easier.

in the mean time, I continue to be far too excited over the fact that I finally remembered to figure out, and actually figured out how to make all my e-mail accounts come to Thunderbird. I'm ok with my over-excitement, I'm just aware of it at the same time XD.

Now, hopefully the episodes of Utena I'm buring to disc will finish sometime before christmas....we'll see.


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